Croquettes, the best food for our four-legged friends

The dog-owner relationship is the sure foundation of your own four legged friend and it is based on love, care and reciprocity, which are the pillars of a strong relationship. Often to spoil their dog, they treat themselves food snacks not exactly healthy, which in the long run can cause serious health problems. Give your dog natural food and of excellent quality is therefore another factor to be considered at the base of their excellent state of health, thus contributing to their state of psycho-physical well-being.

Their diet should be made with premium ingredients and processing waste and second-choice ingredients are absolutely to be avoided. The brand Funproduces foods that retain their organoleptic properties, aromas, nutrients and of course flavor. So you get to have the best dog food. Finding the right product for your friend, however, often seems like a tough choice and many times many decisions turn out to be wrong; said brand creates personalized recipes down to the smallest detail, thanks to the presence of dedicated veterinarians, who have studied specially diets for an increasingly demanding public.

This brand offers food for every age group, such as for adult dogs, whose metabolism must be adequately respected, also by the dosage of the right food components. It also produces high-protein foods that are palatable, so much so that they are also loved by particularly demanding dogs. It also guarantees gluten-free foods with a low glycemic index, which helps stabilize blood sugar. Foods manufactured by Amusi are therefore products with good protein mix and nutritional food, and the balance between them allows not to strain the dog’s cardiovascular and digestive system.

It also offers special treats that improve the consistency of feces, especially for dogs with intestinal issues. It uses ingredients that guarantee the proper functioning of the joints, such as Omega 3 which tends to stiffen over time, especially if the dog has a few extra pounds. However, the presence of Omega 3 improves hair health and the appearance of dandruff. Finally, always Amusi, knowing the right formula for an excellent bacterial flora of domestic animalsoffers food with probiotic mixtures, which promote the improvement of the activity of the intestinal bacterial flora, thus aiming to improve the immune system of your dog.

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