CRV – Sixth committee: ok with the annual plan for sport and the 2022 program of the Cini Foundation – Press release – Veneto


(Arv) Venice March 30, 2022 – The Culture and Sport Commission of the Venetian Council, chaired by Francesca Filming (Lega/Lv), vice-president Elena Ostanel (VcV), approved the annual plan for sport 2022. The regional intervention aims to promote the resumption of motor and sports practice at all levels, after two years of pandemic, and to improve sports facilities. The regional resources available amount to 1,827,500, including one million to be allocated to the capital account for the improvement of the plant’s engineering offer, with priority for the safety of the works and the overcoming of barriers architectural. The rest of the funding will be allocated to contributions for the organization of events, projects and campaigns to promote sport, initiatives to revive sport in schools, support for sports associations in the resumption of their activities. and support for the practice of sport by disabled athletes. When considering the layout, directors Marzio Favero (Lega-Lv), Alberto Bozza (FI) and FdI group leader Raffaele Speranzon, along with his colleague Enoch Soranzo, urged the Council and the Giunta to devote more resources to support the world of sport and basic sporting practice, to support the activity of companies and associations and to counter the phenomenon of post-pandemic decline of members and practitioners.

The commission then approved the 2022 program of cultural activities of the Cini Foundation in Venice. This is the first program that uses the collaboration agreement approved last August between the Veneto Region and the Foundation, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the cultural institution founded on the island of San Giorgio by Count Vittorio Cini and the 1600th anniversary of its founding in Venice. The Region is making €150,000 available this year to support a system of cultural actions of local, national and international importance for a total value of approximately €218,000: cataloging and digitization of the documentary heritage of the Foundation and belonging to the collections museums of local authorities or of local interest, such as the photographs and drawings of the Correr Museum in Venice and the iconographic collections of the civic museums of Treviso; initiatives on display such as the exhibition of stolen and rediscovered masterpieces planned at the Castello Cini in Monselice; study days, conferences, presentation of volumes of high cultural interest and journal publications; and, finally, the organization of the traditional International High Culture Course which, in the 2022 edition, will bring together world-class experts in Venice on the themes of economy, ecology and the environment, sociology and philosophical thought.

“I am particularly satisfied with this first measure for the application of Law 24/2022 proposed by this commission and unanimously approved by the Council – declares President Scatto – It is the concrete demonstration of how the Region can ‘creating culture’ by fostering one of its main cultural institutes, which stands out for the quality and value of the activities undertaken, the ability to create synergy with other vital centers and realities in the region and the international impact of the initiatives proposed. Regional funding thus becomes a driving force for promoting new cultural collaborations and optimizing the offer of a ‘brand’ synonymous with high culture in Venice and throughout the world”.


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