Cso mobile clinic, the eye health project restarts

CSO Italy revives the engines of its mobile unit, ready to collaborate with the Tuscan municipalities in the project “Clinica Mobile CSO – for the health of your eyes” aimed at preventing visual health. Founded in 1967 in scandici, CSO is a 100% Italian company, known worldwide in the sector of the construction of ophthalmic instruments used in ocular diagnosis. Many years ago, the company founders, Sergio Mura And Giuseppe Matteuzzi, launched this useful and innovative project for citizens: a mobile mobile unit that offered free eye examinations. With the health emergency, the activity was forcibly suspended; only in the summer months of 2021 was the initiative carried out in some municipalities with the observation of anti Covid rules. Today’s scenario finally allows us to re-propose the activity, in any case and always in compliance with health rules.

“Our company strongly believes in this project, wanted by the founders – he says purple wallsthird daughter of Sergio Mura and responsible for corporate communication – for its purpose, but also to give a signal of proximity to the territory. In our experience we see that citizens greatly appreciate the possibility of having their sight checked without having to travel, for example in small towns far from provincial capitals; seeing that your municipality cares about their health is a very positive message”.

CSO’s mobile unit is equipped with high-tech instrumentation; people are visited by an ophthalmologist made available by the Municipality and can carry out a latest generation screening capable of accurately diagnosing different types of pathologies or refractive defects. CSOs collaborates with public administrations in the realization of prevention days designed and promoted by municipalities and regions and in accordance with the calendar provided by the Ministry of Healthbut also during events organized by Private Organizations and Associations throughout our territory.

On the weekends of next May, some Lions clubs have mobilized for Unity Day
Mobile in as many Communes, respectively:
– Mugello Lions Club in the municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo
– Lions Club Le Signe in the Municipalities of Tavarnelle and Pisa
– Abetone Lions Club in the municipality of San Marcello Pistoiese
– Lions Club San Sepolcro in the municipality of San Sepolcro
– Pescia Lions Club in the municipality of Pescia

Photos and videos of the experiments already carried out are available on this link.
“The prevention days are the result of a public-private partnership – continues Viola Mura
– where the company and the municipality work together to achieve a goal. CSO provides
mobile unit, equipment, technical staff, while the Municipality identifies an ophthalmologist
for visits, it provides space to accommodate the vehicle and provides electricity for the
operation of the same. We hope that by the end of the year our mobile unit will still be on
around Tuscany”.

Municipalities interested in holding the visual health prevention day can
contact the CSO press office.

Source: Press Office

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