Dance, the Barre workout for those who are not dancers

Dance at the bar but for those who are not dancers

Raise your hand if you don’t want a toned, lean body like a dancer’s. Although for those who have never practiced dance, it is difficult as an adult to enroll in their first ballet class, here it has become very popular in recent years. bar. At first it was called with the term loot bar (yes, loot means side B) – now we’re talking more and more about Barre Training Training -, a term coined by the personal trainer of Hollywood stars, Tracey Malle, and put forward in Italy by the former dancer of the Moulin Rouge, Nathalie Ott. What does this consist of? A total body at the bar that mixes pilates, the most popular soft discipline for toning and stretching the muscles, in postures of classic dance and yoga-style stretching and aerobic exercise. At the bar, against a background of energetic music, it starts with a warm-up to the sound of port of arms and of folded, is able to work the arms, abs and glutes, giving flexibility and improving posture. An innovative technique, that of the Barre, which gives fluidity to any type of movement. Lasting about an hour, it begins with lo elongation to warm up the muscles, he goes on with stretching and toning exercises using a pilates ball. It ends with a bar scrunch and ends with a cool down. No need to be a dancer to practice this discipline but, thanks to the mix with yoga and pilates, it will give everyone the opportunity to see the body more elastic, with leaner and more elongated muscles at their maximum potential.


The benefits of each discipline that strengthen the body thanks to the Barre

From yoga he acquires flexibility, from Pilates his posture and from dance his coordination. In fact, lesson after lesson, you learn to coordinate arms and legs, to keep your balance better, to find a correct posture and to obtain a good muscular conditioning, with steps and sequences, inspired by the ballet barre. But it doesn’t stop there: the course also includes exercises heart, to stabilize the muscles and achieve better joint mobility. Even the stars practice it: Alessandra Ambrosio, Alexa Chung and Pippa Middleton they are big fans of it and have been doing it for years to stay lean and toned. Indeed, it is said that the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge practiced it throughout her pregnancy, precisely to keep the muscle mass as lean as possible.

New is Barre+ and you can try it in Virgin

Virgin Active Italy signs two new fitness trends for spring 2022, recently available in 37 Italian clubs. Bars + and Dance +developments in Barre and Dance training, have the mission of supporting athletes by restoring new energy and reactivating the metabolism. Bars + it is a workout that combines, in fact, barre work with pilates and posture exercises, toning and stretching, also through the use of small tools, capable of making the workout even more captivating and effective. This class aims to tone, define and sculpt the muscles of the legs and buttocks, as well as improve posture, balance and endurance, especially in the shoulders and arms. Helps burn 200-400 calories per class. It is a training accessible to all and at all levels. Dance + rather, it comes from the fusion between dance and functional training. Although fun, its simplicity of execution should not deceive: this new format is indeed intense, extremely effective and capable of increasing coordination and cardiovascular capacity. “Dance + and Barre + are very successful – says Ilario Volpe, Director of Exercise Experience Virgin Active Italia – They are two very effective workouts that combine pleasure and rhythm and, in addition to giving balance, strength and muscle tone, the synergy of exercises and frequencies shapes the body and improves performance. These are classes that work in a deep and intense way and, even with a playful approach, you sweat. The courses are structured to constantly engage and motivate those who attend. But one of the essential elements that makes classes an energizing experience is the fun of getting back to training in small groups. Feeling part of a community, which has our fitness and wellness goals, is an added incentive to reach the goal.” Kind of like in a dance class. In short, take out your most beautiful leggings and ballet flats and try this super toned discipline.




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