Dead Sea salts, allies of beauty and health, are useful against cellulite and water retention

ANCONA – With spring, it’s time to cleanse yourself. For the body, among the usual specialties, we find Dead Sea salts, precious allies for our beauty and our health. Very famous even if everyone does not know the great benefits they bring. The splendid Cleopatra also used it in moments of relaxation. These are salts from the Dead Sea, a natural basin whose waters have a high concentration of salt, about 8 times higher than that of the oceans, and minerals with healing properties, which are also used in cosmetics and various products for the face and body care. .

The components
These substances contain 27% salt compared to the usual concentration of around 3%: a presence made possible also by minerals including magnesium chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and bromine. All important elements for our body. Potassium, for example, stimulates cell renewal, calcium protects tissues, sodium has an anti-aging action, bromine relaxes muscles while magnesium chloride has positive effects on the skin. From this mixture of components, the goodness of these salts derives. First of all, their action is carried out thanks to the mechanism called reverse osmosis which allows the body to expel liquids and waste through the pores, while absorbing the minerals in which they are rich. Among the most significant benefits of these salts is the ability to remove dead cells with a peeling effect that promotes oxygenation and skin renewal, moisturizes the skin and remineralizes dry and mature skin. But the salts also reduce infections and inflammations such as dermatitis, eczema, revitalize the skin and stimulate microcirculation, not to mention the anti-inflammatory action on the muscles.

Shock action
These products are very useful against cellulite and water retention. All this because they act locally with a draining and stimulating action on the circulation, naturally linked to all the components: the high concentration of magnesium and potassium and other trace elements is able to penetrate deep down to the dermis with an effect detoxifying and oxygenating the tissues. The skin is thus freed from excess liquids and, consequently, improves the lymphatic and circulatory system. Among other things, if these salts are combined with bandages, their effect will be optimized with results already after the first treatments. The dressings, in fact, allow greater absorption of salts and a draining action thanks to the pressure exerted by their application.

How to use them
There are different ways to use them. For example, there is a bath with salts, alone or combined with essential oils, or there is a foot bath to reduce swelling and heaviness in the feet and ankles. But also the face and body scrub for soft skin but can also be used as an ingredient in moisturizing and firming lotions.



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