Defined muscles and tortoiseshell abs even after 40 if we learn to train without making these mistakes

What we are experiencing are definitely hectic days for fitness and workout enthusiasts. Spring is the season when you train the most intensely to face the fitting of the costume without anxiety. Or when many people start hitting the gym to shed the extra pounds. And today we are going to discover something that will make us very happy. We could have defined muscles and tortoiseshell abs even after the age of 40 if we train wisely. Before doing so, however, we will have to carry out fundamental analyzes to avoid even serious health risks. Once the process is complete, we can rely on an expert personal trainer and start working.

How to define muscles and abs after 40

Our bodies are constantly changing and it’s trivial to point out that it’s harder to achieve results in your late 40s than in your 20s. Difficult, however, does not mean impossible. This means that we have to focus on certain aspects in particular.

The first is consistency. If we start training after 40, we cannot expect results in a week. The first muscle changes will be noticed after about 3 months of work. A job that must include at least two weekly training sessions of an hour, an hour and a half.

The second fundamental aspect is that of the technique of the exercises. The risk of injury is greater as we get older and doing every move right could save us from dangerous tears and strains.

Defined muscles and tortoiseshell abs even after 40 if we learn to train without making these mistakes

Once we have the right physical and mental attitude, we can start working on strength. To have defined muscles and impressive abs, we must focus on bench exercises, squats and deadlifts.

Ok also to the use of weights which must be proportionate to our strength and our body. This is why it is important to remember how essential the help of a personal trainer is to get started. It will be he who will create a program adapted to our body and will teach us to proceed gradually.

The other benefits of training the over 40s

Strength and muscle tone training won’t just give us well-defined arms and legs and turtles to show off. A fit physique is a physique that delays brain aging and could save us from many illnesses or injuries.

Moreover, the psychological aspects should not be underestimated. Seeing post-workout results releases endorphins and boosts self-esteem. A valid lesson for any physicist at any age.


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