Deflated Como Red Light – Sport, Como

Defeated at home by the Citadel and also after two expulsions. The motivations have dropped a little


Scorers: Baldini at 13 and 36′, Ciciretti at 14′ pt.

COMO (3-4-1-2): Gori; Bovolon (from 28’st Peli), Solini, Cagnano; Vignali, Arrigoni (from 18′ st Nardi), Bellemo (from 35′ st Kabashi), Parisians; Ciciretti (from 28 ‘st Blanco); Gliozzi, La Gumina (from 18’ st Gabrielloni). Available: Facchin, Zanotti, Iovine, Scaglia, Varnier. Gattuso herds.

CITADEL (4-3-1-2): Kastrati; Mattioli, Del Fabro, Perticone, Donnarumma; Vita (from 30′ st Danzi), Branca, Varela (from 15′ st Laribi); Antonucci (from 15′ st Icardi); Beretta (from 38′ st Tavernelli), Baldini. Available: Manor, Visentin, Ciriello, Thioune, Mastrantonio, Cassandro. Gorini herds.

Referee: Paterna di Teramo.

NOTES – Spectators: 1,999, collection of 26,391 euros. Expelled: Parisians at 31′, Solini at 42′. Reserved: Perticone, Solini, Donnarumma, Mattioli, Danzi. Angles: 1-6.

50′ – The game ends: the Cittadella wins 2-1 at Sinigaglia. Next match for Como on Monday 18 to 18 in Pisa.

48′ – The Cittadella closes forward.

45′ – Five minutes of recovery.

42′ – Solini expelled too! Manata against Tavernelli, double yellow card and expulsion. Côme will close in nine.

38′ – Beretta-Tavernelli, third substitution at Cittadella.

35′ – Fifth substitution for Gattuso: Bellemo comes out, Kabashi in his place.

33 ‘ – From now on, recovery becomes really difficult for Côme.

31 ‘ – Parisians expelled: foul on Mattioli, Paterna warns him a second time and shows him the red card. Come in ten.

30′ – Danzi takes Vita’s place.

28′ – Blanco replaces Ciciretti, Peli replaces Bovolon.

26′ – Head from Gabrielloni, slightly high, on an inviting ball from Cagnano.

24 ‘ – Cittadella close to the third goal: cross from the right, Gori comes out, Baldini heads wide.

21′ – Nice idea from Nardi, gets rid of an opponent, concentrates and shoots: ball in the back, to the left of Kastrati.

18′ – Answer from Jack: La Gumina-Gabrielloni and Arrigoni-Nardi.

15′ – First substitutions for Antonucci-Icardi and Varela-Laribi Gorini.

14′ – Botta di Cagnano, Kastrati opposes.

12′ – Como forward, Parigini steals the ball in midfield and Avanza ball and chain. From the edge he tries the conclusion, conclusion on the side, to the right of Kastrati.

11′ – Fourth corner for the guests, Gliozzi takes the lead.

9′ – Corner for the Citadel… nothing to do.

6′ – Solini warned, penalty on board for the Citadel.

3′ – Opportunity wasted by Como!!!! Superb throw from Ciciretti for the Parisians, who in front of Kastrati shoots incredibly wide from outside the box.

2′ – There are 1,999 spectators in Sinigaglia for Côme-Citadelle.

1′ – The recovery begins. There is no change in the two formations.


45′ – The first half ends: 1-2 to Sinigaglia.

44′ – Informed Parisians.

41′ – Branca tries from outside the box: high ball.

36 ‘ – GOAL – Doubling of the Citadel. The excellent Baldini, the best of the lot, hits Gori with a superb strike at the intersection, launched from at least twenty meters.

29 ‘ – Pushes the Citadel, ball from the left, Solini in the center of the surface moves away.

25′ – Baldini is looking for a precise throwing partner, Gori anticipates Beretta.

24 ‘ – After the draw, Côme regained courage and never ceased to occupy the host defence.

21′ – Ciciretti’s penalty from the right, the ball slips into the area, Bellemo at the far post ends on the side.

20′ – Perticone is the first yellow card of the game.

19′ – Donnarumma tries to cross from the left after a nice slalom, no one can deflect.

14′ – GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!! – Superb goal from Ciciretti! The action develops on the right, the attacker receives at the top of the surface of La Gumina and exceeds Kastrati with a superb shot at the far post.

13′ – GOAL – Cittadella leads with Baldini: the attacking midfielder receives from Beretta and beats Gori with a precise diagonal.

11 – Still guests in front: cross from Baldini, Beretta does not manage to deviate from the head.

10′ – Chance for the Citadel: Beretta turns into the area and kicks into the goal, Gori blocks.

9′ – Côme’s reply: Parisini crosses from the left, Gliozzi attempts a difficult conclusion at the far post. Ball out.

7′ – Second corner for the guests… On Baldini’s cross, Solini takes the lead.

5 ‘ – Bellemo’s providential intervention in the area, on a low cross from Varela: ball for a corner.

3 ‘- Strong wind in Sinigaglia, a factor that will certainly affect.

2′ – Nice starting point for Ciciretti, deep ball for Parisini, beaten by Donnarumma.

1′ – The game begins! Veneti in yellow jersey, Como in traditional uniform.


As Gattuso said in a press conference, the season is over for Cerri: shoulder dislocation for Como’s top scorer.

Citadel with four defenders, Antonucci behind Beretta and Baldini. On the pitch is left-back Daniele Donnarumma, who moved from Como to Serie C after the youth sector at Napoli.

Gattuso chooses to play with attacking midfielder, Ciciretti, behind forwards Gliozzi and La Gumina. In defense, Bovolon is back among the holders.

Hello from Sinigaglia. At 2 p.m. Como-Citadella will begin, the formations ready!

COMO – After the defeat against Parma and a playoff dream that flew away, Como will face the Cittadella in Sinigaglia on Saturday at 14 years old. Veneti at 45, Como at 44: it will be a direct match. Gattuso has to give up Cerri after the season is over with a dislocated shoulder. Varnier and Scaglia are available again after a long period, except Ioannou disqualified. Paternal arbitration of Molfetta, Como-Citadel web news at


Results – Saturday 9/4: Alessandria-Pordenone 2-0, Como-Citadella 1-2, Lecce Spal 1-0; Frosinone-Cremonese 2-1. Sunday 10/4: Benevento-Vicenza at 2.30 p.m.; Ascoli-Reggina, Cosenza-Monza, Crotone-Ternana at 3:30 p.m.; Perugia-Pisa at 6 p.m. Monday 11/4: Brescia-Pisa, at 8.30 p.m.

Standings – Lecce 6-5; Cremona 63; Monza 60; Pisa 59; Brescia 58; Benevento 57; frosinone 54; Ascoli 52; Perugia and Cittadella 48; Parma 45; Como, Ternana and Reggina 44; Spall 34; Alexandria 29; Cosenza and Vicenza 25; Crotone 21; Pordenone 17.

Next round – Monday 18/4: Spal-Crotone 12:30 p.m., Cremonese-Cosenza, Pordenone-Benevento, Reggina-Lecce, Vicenza-Perugia 15, Cittadella-Alessandria, Parma-Ascoli, Pisa-Como, Ternana-Frosinone 18, Monza-Brescia at 8:30 p.m.

Resumption – Thursday 2/4: Cosenza-Bénévent at 8 p.m.



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