Diet. Costa: “There is no good health without a balanced diet. Food education is a prevention tool”

The Undersecretary: “30% of cancers are caused by poor diet and in our country the children (8-9 years old) who are overweight are 20.4% while those who are obese are 9.4% . It therefore becomes a priority and fundamental to promote and support food education interventions, the first and most effective prevention tool to protect health”.

MARCH 29 – “We are what we eat. And that is why it is essential to follow a healthy diet, combined with correct lifestyles to start living better. Adequate nutrition and health are inseparable factors. It is not There is no good health without a balanced diet. A varied diet and a balanced diet are the basis of a healthy life. A poor diet, on the other hand, affects the psycho-physical well-being of individuals but above all represents one of the main risk factors for the onset of diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease, obesity and cancer, problems of great importance in the context of public health in our country with a significant impact on health and social expenditure in Italy and the world Just think that 30% of cancers are caused by poor nutrition and that in our country overweight children (8-9 years) are 20.4% while obese children 9.4% He therefore becomes a priority and fundamental to promote and support educational interventions. food ion, the first and most effective preventive tool to protect health. An education that starts from schools and the main players in the sector, prepared and aware of the risks it faces. It is therefore essential to act, for example, to create a new awareness of the values ​​of the Mediterranean diet, recognized by Unesco as an intangible heritage of humanity, which begins with knowing how to recognize the quality and healthiness of a product from raw materials. A path that would prove decisive both from a health and an economic point of view, in support of our entire agri-food sector.

So says the Under Secretary of State for Health Andrea Costa (Noi con l’Italia), speaking at a meeting at the Rimini Fair on prevention, healthy nutrition and correct lifestyles, on the occasion of the Italian Cuisine Championships, promoted by the Federation Italian Chefs. Undersecretary Costa is responsible for food hygiene and safety for human consumption.

“A correct feeding style – explains Costa – helps to build, strengthen, maintain the body and guarantees the regular functioning of the organism. Correct feeding is therefore crucial for healthy physical development from birth and in the later phases of life.Then combined with an active lifestyle, which also includes physical activity, allows you to combat the phenomenon of sedentary lifestyle, helping to maintain adequate body weight.Eating healthy and with healthy foods also strengthens the system immune by helping to protect the body also from pathologies not directly related to food”.

“As a government, we have a great responsibility and a great challenge ahead of us: to implement community policies that, through an integrated approach, are able to network institutional, educational and productive realities, creating and strengthening strategies and programs that promote healthy lifestyles, able to create the conditions to reduce the burden of chronic non-communicable diseases associated, among others, with frailty and disability”, concludes the Under-Secretary

March 29, 2022
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