“Diet, sport and Serie B”

Miss Italia 2019 tells how she keeps fit between modeling work and the new adventure with Helbiz, as the face and voice of the Cadet Championship: “I also did the pre-season retreat”.

Pietro Razzini


Many are fascinated by her magnetic eyes, forgetting that Miss Italia 2019, Caroline Stramare, it is much more. She has a sensual body, thanks to the years as a model that have enhanced her femininity, but at the same time toned, a consequence of the love of sport she has practiced since childhood. And one sport in particular, football, has become part of his daily life. Since this year, in fact, Carolina is the face and voice of Helbiz Livechannel that owns the rights to B-series: “It’s a completely new experience. I started my studies in May with a journalist by my side. I started from scratch: it was three intense months that led me to be on stage for the presentation of the season, July 19 in Ferrara. It’s as if I too had made my pre-season retirement”.

Now, how do you prepare it?

“As of today, we have two main appointments: pre-match and post-match, which we work on every week by studying the questions to ask a player (before the match) and a coach (after the match). Then there’s the onboard interview, which we record during the week: in this case, we dig deeper. The footage lasts about an hour for a total of 20 minutes of interview time. And there’s great news on the horizon”.

How do you see yourself in these clothes?

“I have always made it clear that I am not a journalist. But I would like to become a good presenter. I recently watched some interviews at the start of the season, comparing them to the last ones: I saw progress, especially in improvisational management. I feel more confident in front of the camera. . I try to make the most of this wonderful opportunity that Helbiz has given me.”

How much football has there been in your life so far?

“My family has always been fans. One of my best friends is the son of a football player. At events where I was invited as a model, there were always athletes. My vacation periods more or less coincided with the end of the championship. That was my relationship with football. Now, however, it’s a job.

Extend the concept to sports instead?

“In this case, the situation is different: when I was 9 years old, I started to experience the world of horse riding at a competitive level. Growing up, this commitment turned into a simple passion only for lack of time. Swimming amuses me. , on the other hand, are useful for keeping me in shape”.

Does this tell us more about his life on horseback?

“Riding, for me, is the sport of sports. The high school I attended was linguistic-sporty: I had a six-hour weekly reinforcement at the equestrian center. A paradise for me who loves animals. sport at the same level. competition is a way of life. Already in the period of adolescence I was doing competitions on weekends. That meant going home early in the evening because at 5am we were leaving for the competition.”

On his Instagram profile there are also pictures of the snow.

“When I was six years old, my parents put me on skis. I learned in Limone Piemonte. It’s a sport that I love so much that I get up early even on the first of the year to m fun on deserted slopes. It’s a shame I don’t have many skier friends”.

Parallel to sport, there is the path as a model. Complex cohabitation?

“Horse riding has helped me mentally: concentration, determination and commitment to achieve goals. However, it is a sport that increases muscle tone. There was a period when I had to suspend the activity for specific demands of a brand. It was the first time that I found myself at a crossroads: what future did I want for myself?

A future that crowned her Miss Italy in 2019: how has the management of her body changed?

“Paradoxically, after the title I relaxed. Before I was a 100% model: a life made up of diets and training to meet the standards required. After Miss Italia I became, in my own little way, a character. It was easier to work in mode.

Are you on a special diet today?

“There was a period when I was convinced that I was celiac: I had problems every time I ate gluten. The tests, fortunately, removed all doubts. Now I am followed by a nutritionist and an endocrinologist. I have a peaceful relationship with the patient. food: I like to eat well. When I feel the need, if the day has been particularly stressful, I allow myself a sgarro at the table. My favorite dishes ? Definitely meat-based”.

Gym: pleasure or necessity?

“Since I bought a house, a room is reserved for fitness. After a day’s work, I wouldn’t have the strength to train if I didn’t have the opportunity to do it at home. Now on the treadmill I prepare interviews and chat with women friends”.

How many workouts per week?

“At least two. I have no problem training: if I stay still, I go crazy. In the summer, I go running. Swimming is fun but I can’t do it more than once a week: between preparation, activity, shower and hair drying, it goes away in the middle of the afternoon”.

Have you ever tried yoga?

“Not yet. One of my closest friends keeps telling me that it would be important for my work. Not just physically but also mentally. I would like to try, I do not deny it. The real problem is to the weather. “

As you move forward in time, what do you hope your path will be?

“The modeling activity has a short life, limited in years. I am passionate about the work of a presenter: I hope to continue with Helbiz also next year. Day after day, I feel more and more secure, both in my way of being than in the dialectic during live performances”.

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