discover the healthy and infallible gourmet snacks

1 – Dried fruits:

easy to carry, especially if they are already without shells, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts are perfect for calming hunger and giving energy. Rich in omega three, they are excellent antioxidants, protect against cell aging and are also friends of good heart health. But be careful with the quantity, because so many benefits also come with high calorie intake.

2 – Cereals:

Convenient and perfect for any taste or need, cereals, especially oatmeal, are perfect for stopping hunger, providing a feeling of fullness and lots of energy without weighing us down. Rich in fiber, cereals are excellent allies for regulating cholesterol while providing a significant contribution of mineral salts.

3 – Crackers without salt:

comfortable, tasty and versatile, they are a classic to carry in your bag or backpack. Consumed with a fruit juice without added sugar, a spoonful of honey and poppy seeds are ideal for a tasty and low calorie snack. If you like salty, the proposal is crackers with low-fat cheese spread, a little pepper and, if we have it, a slice of salmon: a real delight.

4 – Homemade bars

: for a snack in the name of authenticity and economy, you can also prepare the bars at home. To make them, simply melt honey and brown sugar in a saucepan then add a mixture of cereals to your liking: oatmeal, puffed rice, dried fruit and a few raisins. We pour the mixture into the molds and let it cool. Smart advice? Let’s bring a decent supply with us: these delicious bars could be purchased.

5 – Yogurt:

Creamy and with a pleasantly tart taste, yogurt is perfect for breakfast or a snack dedicated to well-being and dietetics. To make it even more appetizing, we add seasonal fruits, which we will have cut into small pieces and put in a container, and a handful of dried fruits to fill up on energy and vitamins.

6 – Fruit salad:

as the warm season advances, the stalls fill with colorful and delicious fruits. Before going out, we prepare a fruit salad with seasonal fruits to be placed in an airtight container always at hand. Apples, pears, grapes, kiwis and a banana: with the juice of an orange and without adding more sugar, we will have a healthy, tasty and fresh snack. Smart advice? We add a handful of seeds to provide extra crunch and fill the hole in your stomach.

7 – The centrifuged:

very fashionable, smoothies and centrifuges are really a mine of vitamins and mineral salts and guarantee lightness and vitality to our body. For an original and gourmet snack, you just need to have imagination and know how to combine taste and dietary needs. Inventing new mixes by mixing seasonal fruits and vegetables is fun and healthy: thanks to the presence of water and fibres, we will be able to eliminate toxins and limit the feeling of hunger.

8 – Raw vegetables:

if we don’t like fruit or follow a rather strict diet, we can opt for raw vegetables. Fennel, carrots and possibly celery and bell peppers, washed and chopped, are great for snacking on and can provide a satisfying feeling of satiety. Rich in fiber, these vegetables are also excellent allies for our line, because, consumed in the middle of the morning or afternoon, they also have the pleasant consequence of not letting us accumulate too much fat during the meal.

9 – Baked apple:

It’s time for redemption for this snack which is not reserved only for the sick or the elderly. The baked apple is very good, easy to prepare, tasty and delicate. You can cook the apples in the oven or in a pan with a little red wine, perfect even without sugar and with the addition of juniper, cinnamon and vanilla. A comfort food in the name of well-being and tradition, capable of cuddling even outside the home.

10 – Hot infusion:

despite the milder temperatures, preparing a hot infusion this season is a great way to calm the appetite and hydrate the body. The herbalist suggests vanilla and sweet orange, which help with nervous hunger. Juniper, blueberry and birch improve circulation by fighting water retention: simple and effective.

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