do not follow this, as it may cause health problems

It’s a popular diet for rapid weight loss, but the health risks are often underestimated.


That season of the year has come when you start thinking about diets to lose weight and face the famous suit test. However, it is essential not to live the line as an obsession.

the body positive it is important to avoid falling into psychological problems related to achieving perfect physical shape. We often have very drastic diets which can be very harmful to our health.

Who is affected by obesity And overweight it poses very serious health risks. high bad cholesterol Where high triglycerides they are harmful. Me too’hypertension it is very harmful to our health. It is therefore important to practice diets that help to lose weight precisely for health.

Constantly making gods medical checksto eat healthy and avoid a lifetime sedentary they are important to avoid serious health problems. The urge to lose weight in a short time and lose too many pounds leads to following the gods dietshow inappropriate they can be dangerous.

The Risks of Bad Diets and Meal Replacements

Replacement meal
Replacement meal

The diet followed allows you to lose pounds not much time. Many people prefer diets that make them lose weight in a very short time. Guy 5 pounds in week.

The downside is that as soon as you “derail” the diet all the pounds lost are regained and sometimes even more. That’s why when you lose weight too quickly is always counter productive. It is important to be guided by a doctor for good nutrition and balance also flanked by physical activity.

THE replacement meal they are used to lose weight quickly. They both come in the form of bars this drinks. You should avoid using them for a long time and in any case always integrate them into a Power source balance.

I’ISS (HIGH HEALTH INSTITUTE) declares that none product simple should be used as a replacement for a meal healthy and balanced. Although these products contain vitamins and nutrients, they are not the same as those found in healthy diet foods.

The fact that a complete meal focuses on bars Where drinks it’s too simplistic. Often these meal replacements can interfere with medications prescribed by the doctor and create undesirable effects on the health.

One of the consequences is the shortage Of vitamins And mineral salts. Contact the doctor it’s always an important thing to understand if I replacement meal suit our situation and it must be remembered that only aphysical activity constant associated with a diet healthy and balanced can help the body regain it form.

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