“Dreams to believe in”, the Observatory conference

Breaking stereotypes in the world of sport, where gender equality is not at all obvious. These are themes and challenges that will be addressed during the conference “Dreams to believe in”, scheduled for tomorrow, April 1 (5:30 p.m.), at the Circolo Cittadino Sante Palumbo. Event sponsored by Coni, occasionally represented by Deputy Vice President Silvia Salis. The objective is to send a message of growth in the sports system, giving a place also and above all to the female world, all the more so if it is aimed at young sportswomen.

Conference presented by the president of the Observatory of Sport and Sports Tourism, lawyer Annalisa Muzio, in an expanded table in which the Mayor of the Municipality of Latina Damiano Coletta, the President of the Province of Latina Gerardo Stefanelli and the president of the Sport and Culture Commission of the Municipality of Latina Mauro Anzalone.

As the Observatory of Sport and Sports Tourism, we have always thought that there should be no diversity and that we must believe that there are no insurmountable fears that limit the desire to do Sport. In fact, we want to send the message that you can and should believe in your dreams because “there are things that are only for men and things that are only for women.“. On the eve, this is the common thought of the Observatory, of the president Annalisa Muzio, the director general Matteo Sperduti and the vice-presidents Angelo Conti and Almerico Abbamondi”.

A conference – the note from the Observatory continues – which wants to be dedicated to young people, sportsmen and women in our city through an action that pushes them to always believe in their journey, also and above all sporting. For this reason, we want to invite all schools, sports associations, all athletes, girls and boys, and above all also parents, to take part in the conference, because no one should be overwhelmed by the thought that sport, understood as the sporting practice of each typology, represents a purely masculine world“.

Among the speakers Alessandra Ortenzi, expert journalist, who will talk about the role of women in sport, told through the new languages ​​of communication; Roberto Volpe, member of the National Research Council who will illustrate the European project “Women’s hurdles, obstacles in Europe”, a European survey which aims to highlight the obstacles to the practice of sport by women; Nicoletta D’Erme, Provincial President of Latina’s LILT, who will be tasked with exemplifying inclusion in women’s sport.

On the occasion, Vice President Coni Silvia’s book entitled “The strongest girl in the world” will also be presented, a text dedicated to all the girls who want to try their hand at the world of sport. At the same time, the next initiatives of the Observatory will be launched, including the convocation of the States General of Sport and Sports Tourism of our territory (project already presented to the Sport and Culture Commission of the Municipality of Latina), as well as the preliminary first X Summer, which will take place on April 10 at the Hotel Tirreno and all annual X Summer events (from June 21 to September 21).


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