Dybala market: why Spain snubs it

Salary as a top player, but in La Liga Paulo he is not perceived as such. La Joya can however relaunch its market with a good season finale

Paulo Dybala and Spain, understood as La Liga. Lots of contacts, lots of voices, a few slaps, which are fashionable today. La Joya is looking for a team, and obviously the Spanish market, like the English market, is an interesting possibility. However, in these first steps, Dybala and his entourage come up against two problems: one related to the economic requirements of the player, the other to his level of attractiveness on the Spanish market.

No from Barça and Madrid

Let’s start with the second. Obviously, the “overrated” that El Nacional, the Catalan digital newspaper, put in the mouth of Xavi Hernandez called to give an opinion on the possible arrival of Dybala at Camp Nou has obviously caused a sensation. There are no quotes but the rejection is published as a direct source from the Barcelona manager.

We don’t know if Xavi really marked the Argentine player in these terms, but yes, we can say that Barca haven’t shown any interest in Dybala, as well as Madrid, with whom a similar survey has been carried out. The Clásico protagonists aren’t interested in the Juventus player, not even for free.

Economic problems

Atletico Madrid’s speech is different. Who did not reject the idea, despite a relative interest. And speaking of interest, on paper Sevilla’s could be higher, but for both clubs it’s the same: Dybala’s initial economic claims in terms of signing reward and annual salary are off limits for both. For Sevilla more than for Atletico. Both avenues can also stay open, but only in the face of a drastic reduction in demands from the Argentine. That’s why in case we talk about it later, when Paulo has finished his round of potential buyers.

The scissors

On the sidelines, seen from here and from that “overrated” mentioned at the start, there remains the feeling that in recent years a gap has widened between the perception of the player’s real strength in Italy and abroad. Very appreciated by us, even less abroad, where they find it difficult to award a “crack mundial” license to Paulo. The last few months, peppered with minor sores and culminating with Juventus’ lack of interest in renewal, have obviously not helped in this regard. Dybala needs to make a fine season finale to find accommodation that suits his economic demands, given that he doesn’t even have the World Cup in the summer to try to revive himself. In Spain not all doors are locked, but to really open one will take weeks at a high level.


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