Dybala’s choice: Premier or Milan

Our football is better imagined. No need to lie: we are in the middle of a recession and not because of the second consecutive global bankruptcy. This, at best, is an effect. Never again in this period have companies, especially noble ones, been forced to render much more serious, “severe” accounts than in the past: for more than a year the questionable and discussed capital gains are no longer the “shared” solution of all evils and ambitions, but a real nightmare, being investigated by several prosecutors who could make illustrious victims. The illegitimate child of financial fair play that UEFA has just given birth to, however, imposes rigor in spending and the one who finds himself with the turnover massacred by the pandemic is condemned to gradually reduce the wage bill, post the more sensitive, and to turn towards the exits of the ball.

In situations like this, the first thing clubs give up is of course the luxury item, the fantasy. And so it was that Napoli presented an offer deemed insufficient to Lorenzo Insigne, the captain, who, in the absence of other proposals, decided to emigrate to Canada covering himself in gold. Take out one.

Juve also radically changes programs (Vlahovic, Zakaria) and perspectives and puts Dybala, another captain, in a position to look for a team in March. Paulo pursues a project that puts him at the center: but it is not easy for a twenty-eight-year-old playmaker to find a stable job in a great European, because almost everyone does not envisage the 10 role and vocation . He seems to be back at the end of the last century when Baggio, Del Piero, Recoba and Zola were forced to decentralize. It is true that in recent years even the tasks of the attacking winger have changed: he is expected to do a lot of work in the defensive phase, ie pressing, chasing, retreating.

To date, Arsenal and Newcastle have moved for Dybala and have gone no further than expressing interest. Paulo is still cold, even if he prefers to leave Italy: if he does not find what he is looking for abroad, his preference will go to Milan, whose policy does not provide for particularly long and expensive. Appreciable – in this sense – the availability of Marotta, the amateur who brought Paulo to Juve from Palermo: not being able to take on demanding commitments, he let the player know that for a year, in practicable numbers, he would happily take along to allow him to relaunch in style.

Even Nico Zaniolo is not having a good time in the spring: his contract expires in 2024, the priority remains Roma, who are still considering the question of renewals: in recent weeks Mourinho has tried to make the boy understand that any confirmation would depend on a change substantial attitude. To check if the margins to obtain it are there or not. Napoli made a small reflection to Zaniolo, who had to surrender to the systematic reduction of the amount of wages demanded by De Laurentiis: from 135 million in the second year of Ancelotti, it fell to 128, then to 108 (this year) and for next season the goal is 75-80.

Both for AC Milan and for Napoli and Inter, the variable scudetto must always be considered.

Milinkovic-Savic is also part of the category of outgoing champions, more easily placed due to physical and tactical characteristics, whose future is however linked to the economic evaluation that Lotito will give.

The home scene is already bleak, the renunciation of the champions increasingly impoverishes a largely reduced spectacle, but no one thinks of the worst, the crazy we are already doing in Europe (Mancini saved our face, thankfully) and the help that we can even provide. to the English – and around – by giving them the best flowers from our withered garden. On the other hand, soon we will no longer talk about Italian football: exotic footballers continue to prevail (today they are already 64%) as well as the bosses of foreign clubs. We can continue to say bad things. Others.

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