Eagles, tour of Italy outside the sports halls

The hottest group of Cantù supporters from May 1 will return to support the team in the stands. But so far they have not stayed in front of the TV: always absent, even in Trapani or Capo d’Orlando, without entering

There was. Not physically in the stands close to the team, but close. Outside palaces all over Italy and, of course, with heart and mind. A year of Eagles outside the sports halls, from Desio to Capo d’Orlando, faithful to the line decided on the day the stadiums and arenas closed: you don’t come back until the situation improves and there are no conditions to return.

They haven’t been in front of the TV for the past few months. They have always come together, they have travelled, always present with a banner (upside down) every time Cantù has stepped on the pitch, both at home and away. The most sensational away games? Both in Sicily: 40 in Trapani, 9 in Capo d’Orlando on Wednesday evening. Or the trip… to a motorway restaurant opposite Turin. Absurdity? For them, it was a way of showing their presence and their closeness. Contact with the team and the club? Captain Sergio and Bucarelli attended a meeting to understand the reasons for the choice. And, just on Tuesday, the new GM Sandro Santoro made his appearance at the Senso Unico bar, the den of the supporters.

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Now it’s time to go home. The Eagles, from May 1, will return alongside S.Bernardo Cantù. The debut after two years will be against Ravenna. Just enough time to warm up and accompany the team in the playoffs which will begin the following weekend. And to make the Desio building colorful and noisy, after a year of bite-sized heat and no more than 2,000-2,100 spectators.

But why have the Eagles been away for so long? Because they wanted to observe a form of respect for the victims of Covid and because cheering in the distancing regime is not in the spirit of the group as the banner says “It doesn’t matter how much, How does it count!”. But also for a controversy with the company, especially with former GM Daniele Della Fiori. Now a lot has changed: the capacity is back to 100%, the Covid emergency has definitely subsided and Della Fiori has changed roles. On several occasions, players, Sodini himself and the club have called on the Eagles to return to the stands: now we are there.


“Now the conditions are met – says Francesco “Juary” Morabito, leader of the band – and it’s time to resume the cheers. It won’t be easy, you have to find the motivation and the A2 doesn’t help, but we have a lot of young people with enthusiasm. We are proud of our decision, we are among the few groups of ultras in Italy who are regular, we did not succumb to the temptation to return early. Now is the time to rebuild, because it will not be easy to come back and start again”.

The criticisms against the group have not been lacking, but now the page has been turned: “We want to bring back the enthusiasm, which is lacking. The team’s sporting results are as always a driving force, but now we need passion. The critics ? We have always respected them, maybe someone misunderstood our motives. But they come from Cantù fans, so from those who have the same passion as us and therefore we accept them”.
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