L’AQUILA – After two years of covid restrictions, Abruzzo is preparing to celebrate Easter with a series of many sacred and secular events, which embrace art, culture, sport and tradition.

Among the best-known traditional events is that of the “Madonna escaping into the Piazza”, one of the most important events in Sulmona, a rite that on Easter Day brings together thousands of Sulmonese and of tourists in Piazza Garibaldi ready to accompany the statue of the Virgin through the streets of the city.

There are also many cultural initiatives. The National Museum of Abruzzo will be open at the usual times 8:30 am / 7:30 pm (the ticket office closes at 7:00 pm) on Easter, Easter Monday, April 25 and May 1, with free admission on Labor Day. But the National Museum of Abruzzo doubles the offer. Indeed, the extraordinary openings of the Mammut at the 16th century L’Aquila castle continue until May 8 by reservation. The extraordinary openings of the Munda are accompanied by those of the Mammut at the 16th century Castle and the program of guided tours of the MAXXI L’Aquila.

And then more fairs and markets, with “Tiello STREETto”, the street food event with trucks from all over Italy, in L’Aquila from April 15 to 18, and the ArtigianGusto Easter market, organized by AMIP Associazione Events and Markets, programmed in Vasto from April 16 to 18.

For those who want to take advantage of the Easter weekend to do sports and keep in shape, point out the “Easter Monday walk”, 6.5 km of walking in the footpaths of Vasto Marina, and the evocative bike tour electric to discover the Costa dei Trabocchi, a 20 km circuit starting from Fossacesia suitable for everyone from 15 years old.

There is no shortage of activities for the little ones. In Giulianova for the Easter holidays the association “GiocaCultura” offers the workshop “Uova ad Arte”; from 4:00 p.m., children from 4 to 10 years old will be able to be moved and fascinated, in the “Bindi” Art Gallery, with the animated story of the presence in history of the Egg, chosen symbol of Easter and Renaissance, thanks to the ancient Japanese instrument of Kamishibai, which can be translated as “paper theater / theater”, an ancient Japanese method of storytelling, which had its maximum expression in the period of the first post-war period. Finally, children will try their hand at creating artistic eggs inspired by great artists, from Piero Della Francesca to Bosh, from Bruegel to Filippo Palizzi with his watercolor in the “Bindi” art gallery, from C├ęzanne to Casorati, up to ‘to Warhol and Koons.

Then place the celebrations of Easter Monday. At the Refuge Montecristo, at the foot of the Gran Sasso, from 10:00 a.m. until sunset dj set, drink and food.

Then comes “Arrostiland”, the mega Easter Monday designed by “Abbruzzo di Morris”, the online community that tells Abruzzo with two bs followed by more than 60,000 followers. There are 3,000 people registered for the “biggest roast in the world”, scheduled in Vacri (Chieti), ready to celebrate Angel Monday with skewers and Abruzzo products. The rules are always the same: “herds” can participate, i.e. groups of at least 10 people (5 women and 5 men), with a name that testifies to all the creativity and goliardic spirit of the participants.



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