Easter in the garden? Here are 3 effective solutions to keep insects away from food

How to keep insects away for Easter lunch in the garden? Here are 3 economical, magical and effective solutions!

Starting tomorrow, the Easter triduum will begin and in exactly four days we will all meet as a family to celebrate Easter. This year there will be no restrictions or guest limits (even if this does not mean not having to respect distances and sanitary standards), one could therefore consider the hypothesis of an official opening of the garden hosting the big lunch.

Here are some tips to keep flies, mosquitoes and midges away from the garden!

A great idea, fun and which with a beautiful spring day could really give us a lot of satisfaction. However, food from the garden can only mean one thing: insect magnet. Mosquitoes, gnats, flies, gnats, bees, wasps, etc. However, that certainly shouldn’t stop us from celebrating with our loved ones in our favorite outdoor environment!

Today at Mammastyle we want to give you some simple trick to keep all types of insects away, in order to have lunch serenely and in all serenity. Are you curious how to do it?

Keeping insects out of the garden will be very simple: follow these effective tips

Not only Easter, but also Easter Monday: those who are lucky enough to have a beautiful garden know very well how beautiful it is to spend these two festive days outdoors, especially when the weather is mild, that the sun warms gently and the wind does not pull (here you will find some tips on how to fix it for the Easter lunch). We light the embers, we create small cold wells for drinks and we have fun together. Nevertheless take care of insects, which with food can annoy you a lot. What if we told you that we can follow a few simple tricks to make the garden a minefield for gnats, mosquitoes, bees and wasps? Let’s find out together!

Easter lunch in the garden
Place a few bouquets of fresh flowers away from food: wasps and mosquitoes will be attracted by their smell and will not cause any problems!
  • Incense insects: Preparing an incense for insects is very simple and we most likely already have everything we need at home. We will have to get a fireproof container or in any case resistant to high temperatures. We place the classic incense burners on the bottom (alternatively we can also use the charcoal from the embers) then add dried sage leaves, Rosemary, thyme And black pepper. This mixture will give off a fresh, lemony scent to us humans, while to insects it will act almost like a repellent. It will be enough from time to time to feed the small embers and add other fresh herbs. Especially the flies will stay away.
  • Double effect ember: at Easter and Easter Monday we generally tend to cook the cuts of meat on the grill, placing large grills on top. In this case, we can combine the useful with the pleasant by following these steps. We start as usual to light the charcoal with alcohol and flame, we wait for the embers to become hot then we add several sprigs of rosemary. Let’s mix them with the rest of the now glowing charcoal and enjoy the magic. Not only will the smoke released tend to make the meat flavorful and rosemary-scented, but it will repel mosquitoes, flies, and blue flies all at the same time.
  • Insect curtains: in all the specialized stores of articles for the house and the garden we can find very comfortable curtains with Velcro application, to be fixed to umbrellas or gazebos. Simply take the measurements, buy the correct ones and apply them to the fabric of the awning or parasol. During lunch we will therefore be totally protected and the insects will not be able to approach us or the food!

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