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James Feldeine, 33: the American basketball player, naturalized Dominican, and Pietro Aradori were the top scorers for Effect with 22 points (Ciamillo)

James Feldeine, 33: the American basketball player, naturalized Dominican, and Pietro Aradori were the top scorers for Effect with 22 points (Ciamillo)

VL Pesaro


Fortitudo Bologna


VL: Mejeris 4, Moretti 14, Tambone 6, Stazzonelli ne, Lamb 9, Zanotti 2, Sanford 14, Demetrio ne, Delfino 15, Jones 24. All. Banshi

FORTITUDO BOLOGNA: Frazier 9, Manna ne, Aradori 22, Mancinelli ne, Durham 2, Procida 2, Benzing 17, Feldeine 22, Fantinell, Charalampopoulos 11, Groselle 2, Borra. Martino herds

Referees: Paternicò, Galasso, Bonisegna

To note. Partials: 20-24; 41-47; 65-68. Two dots: Pesaro 3038; Bologna 1531. Three points: 417; 1526. Free throws: 1618; 1219. Rebounds: 43; 19.

by Massimo Selleri

The more than 800 Fortitudo fans who have reached Pesaro deserve salute for their passion and on the pitch the team is very little to please them and if it is true that mathematics still does not condemn Effe, given the defeats to Naples and Treviso are difficult. Don’t talk about a missed opportunity. The problems the Eagle has to face are always the same and an extraordinary Pietro Aradori who retraces the same scenario of last season when he made the difference in all the games that really mattered is not enough for the biancoblù, or a James Feldeine who, after spending a good time in the most complete anonymity, is now unleashed by systematically finding the way to the basket. With their pyrotechnic performances, the two are unable to find a remedy for what is the main flaw of this team, that of having a group of players unable to give even a tiny margin of reliability, forcing Antimo Martino to always must come to terms with the unknown.

Under these conditions, it should come as no surprise if Effe fails to deliver the finishing blow even when she is at +12 (33-45), but is forced to measure her energy with the pharmacist’s caliper and never know what someone like Geoffrey Groselle will combine on the pitch. The last quarter started at 65-68 and the atmosphere was one of heckling with the expulsion of the Marches coach Luca Banchi. Between one franc and the next, it costs Pesaro four points and Effe comes back to blow (67-72), but immediately after, there is the overrun (73-72). The colored area defended by the biancoblù becomes a land of conquest, but Aradori’s hand does not cool down and 4′ from the end a triple from the Brescia winger advances the biancoblù (80-81). From one error to another, you travel from point to point. Feldeine scores the basket 86-87 with 14″ to play. Charalampopoulos fouls Delfino 3″ from the end and the former guard is 22. Time out for Martino and throw-in from half-court with the Greek who misses the triple of victory. To say that this last possession was handled in the worst possible way is an understatement.

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