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Monday evening, during the very popular Monday Sportivo broadcast on 50Canale and skilfully led by Carolina Pucci, Eugenio Ascari, a regular columnist for the studio, said that according to certain rumors circulating in the city, for the next season the general manager of Pontedera, Paolo Giovannini , coach Ivan Maraia and, for the youth sector, manager Paolo Pastacaldi have reportedly already agreed to move to Livorno. But yesterday, when questioned by telephone, all three categorically denied any contact or involvement. For a number of reasons, including the fact that a championship is still being played out and that the focus is exclusively on achieving the new goal, the playoffs, and that for some there is also a contract with the Granada club to respect . In short, the rumors were quickly returned to sender. So head only to Siena, which arrives tomorrow at Mannucci (entrance 1 euro) always looking for hi-points. A match and a goal of which we heard the opinions of the two overs who arrived in January, midfielder Fabio Foglia (who will be in the stands tomorrow because he was disqualified) and goalkeeper Riccardo Melgrati, who also draw up a personal assessment of their month in pomegranate.

“I was happy to have made this choice in January – said Foglia – and I still am. Everyone had spoken well of the environment of Pontedera and I confirm the good that I have been told. Personally , I found the continuity of the game that I was looking for. , whereas as a team, despite the good results, we deserved perhaps a few more points. The playoffs? after the salvation obtained. Even if we did not From the table, it is obvious that between Siena and Modena we need a victory. And since we have not won seven games, we hope to do so on Thursday to gain even more momentum. “Now – continues Melgrati – let’s think about hit the playoffs in the best possible way. We come from two positive performances and the only objective in these two games is to score as many points as possible. Making calculations is impossible if not useless because the Group schedule includes direct matches, so the only thing to do is to make the most of our matches. We believe a lot in play-offs and already against Siena, there is only one objective: victory”.

“On a personal level – concludes the Pontedera goalkeeper – I have integrated very well. I have found a healthy environment where all of us, from the director to the coach, to the staff, to the different professionals, they make themselves available for We players looking to create an environment that is always serene in which to give my best. I’m really happy to have made this choice and for my performance, but my satisfaction will be even greater when we reach the playoffs.”

Stefano Lemmi

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