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Rome, April 14, 2022 – Outside theAtalantainside of Rome: Between Europe And conference league the tally of Italians remaining in play in continental competitions is halved. The Nerazzurri are eliminated from leipzigwho in the semi-finals will face the Rangerswhile the Giallorossi erase the taboo Bodo / Glow and now they give themselves the double comparison with the Leicester. The real surprise of the day, however, is the elimination of the Barcelonawho succumbs in the house to the hands ofEintracht Frankfurtwho in the semi-finals will face the West Hamwhich in the meantime triggered a Lyons.

Europa League

Atalanta 0-2 Leipzig (18′, 87′ (dr)Nkunku)

It ends in the hands of a cross of nkunku the adventure in Europa League of oneAtalanta that, probably, real football had given away their qualifying ambitions in the first leg, where the chances squandered by the Nerazzurri had been far too many. The pass for the semi-final comes from the Germans, who now have to deal with the Rangers.

Barcelona 2-3 Eintracht Frankfurt (91′ Busquets, 101′ Depay(r) – 4′(r), 67′ Kostic, 36′ Borré)

That the mission was more complicated than expected for the Barcelona it was already understood after the first round, which ended with a very balanced 1-1. At Camp Nou it’s even worse for the Spaniards, who are even below 3 (press twice Kosticincluding one on penalty e Borre) before looking for a desperate comeback in the very long and tense recovery (out for double yellow N’Dicka). The mission seems to succeed whereas before Busquets so To pay from the place, they touch a draw that will never materialize: in the semi-finals, theEintrachtwho will have to deal with West Ham.

Olympique Lyon 0-3 West Ham (38′ Dawson, 44′ Rice, 48′ Bowen)

A tension on the way 1-1: on the way back, a peremptory 3-0 of the visiting team, to score with Dawson, Rice And Bowen. A set without call which eliminates the Lyons and send it West Hamnow awaited by the surprising Eintracht Frankfurt.

Rangers-Sporting Braga 3-1 (2′, 44′ (r) Tavernier, 101′ Roofe – 83′ Carmo)

On my way Ruiz given the first round to Bragaone Glasgow comes immediately into the hands of innkeeper, first on 2′ then, from the spot, on 44′. Shortly before, at 42′, the Portuguese lost in passing Tormena but, despite the missing man, at 83′ thanks to the sparkle of Carmo extend the match until extra time. To decide on extra time and in general the challenge is roofwhich sends the Scots in the semi-final against the leipzig. Nothing to do instead Bragawho in the end becomes even more nervous: he is the one who pays the price Medeirosejected in seconds.

conference league

Roma-Bodo/Glimt 4-0 (5′ Abraham, 23′, 29′, 49′ Zaniolo)

The defeat of the first leg (with a vitriolic final) and in general the Norwegian curse is swept away by the Rome after only 5′, when Abraham equalize the tally of total goals before it starts Zaniolo show: a hat-trick that made the star of the 99 class shine more and more, in addition to projecting the Giallorossi into the semi-finals, where obviously the level will rise a lot. The obstacle to overcome is called Leicesterbut in the meantime, the only Italian team remaining in Europe can enjoy a night of partying and good football after the first leg poisons.

PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Leicester (27′ Zahavi – 77′ Maddison, 88′ Pereira)

the 0-0 of the first leg had in fact postponed everything to the match of Eindhovenwho from 27′ dreams big thanks to Zahaviserved by Gotze. Then at the end of the second half the chair comes up Leicesterwho between 77′ and 88′ wins a ticket for the semi-final, where he will find the Rome: the return showmen are Maddison And Pereira.

PAOK-Olympique Marseille 0-1 (34′ Payet)

A narrow victory in the first leg and a narrow victory in the second leg:Olympic Marseilleafter 2-1 of the first round, he secures access to the semi-final, where he will have to challenge the Feyenoord. The palm of the best in the field goes to payetwho at 34′ capitalized on the assistance of Guendouzi.

Slavia Prague-Feyenoord (14′ Traoré – 2′, 59′ Dessers, 78′ Left)

The balance sheet after the pyrotechnics 3-3 of the first run breaks already after 2 ‘, when Desserts break the delay before 14′ Traore immediately restore parity in the total calculation. An equality that wavers at 59 ‘, when he scores again Desserts then finally collapses in the 78th minute at the hands of Sinisterra. The path of the Czechs, who finish in numerical inferiority because of the red waved a Kacharabais interrupted, while that of the Dutch continues, who in the semi-finals will face theOlympic Marseille.

Champions League, Manchester City and Liverpool in the semi-finals

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