European City of Sport, Unimc alongside the Municipality

MACERATA – Scientific and economic support (10 thousand euros) for the project. And, in the fall, the national chess tournament. Mayor Parcaroli and Commissioner Sacchi: “Perfect example of how we can build something new to benefit the city”

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Sandro Parcaroli, Francesco Adornato, Mauto Giustozzi and Riccardo Sacchi

The University of Macerata in support of the Municipality for “Macerata European City of Sport 2022”. In addition to the scientific collaboration for the rich program of initiatives being defined, the board of directors of the university has also approved a contribution of 10 thousand euros to ensure financial support for the realization of the project. “We considered it important – commented the rector Francesco Adornato and the general manager Mauro Giustozzi – to reaffirm the support for a project that gives resonance and prestige to the whole city and which constitutes an important opportunity to promote and enhance the practice of sport”.

Additionally, thanks to the University’s recent agreement with the Italian Chess Federation, Macerata will also host the Italian Senior Chess Championship in September, which awards two Italian titles and takes place over nine rounds of play normally spread over eight days. .

We enthusiastically welcome a collaboration that demonstrates how sensitive the Administration is to production synergies with all the actors of the territory and, in this case, with the University of Macerata, the most important “engine” of the city . – commented Mayor Sandro Parcaroli and Councilor for Sport Riccardo Sacchi -. Unimc’s impulse towards Macerata European City of Sport is the perfect example of how we can build something new for the benefit of the city and increasingly share the successes”.

For years, the University of Macerata has promoted sport both as a practice for its students through the University Sports Center, and as an inclusive and formative way of life, participating in events such as the Overtime Festival. A new line of studies has also been launched in this sector which is developing at different levels. The activation of the “Sports Legal Consultant” course within the three-year course in Sciences for Legal Services has recently been activated: activated by the Department of Law, it counts on important collaborations with national federations and organizations of sports promotion. And again: the Specialization Course in Sports Communication, with renowned journalism professionals, offered by the Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations in collaboration with the Pindaro Cultural Association and the Italian Paralympic Committee.

“European City of Sport”, Sacchi receives the flag: “An honor for Macerata”


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