Even on women’s health in Basilicata there is only propaganda

Giusi Cavallo

If there’s one thing the centre-right Lucanian regional council can do, it’s propaganda. They are getting better and better. Do they have a normal meeting? And here we go for the release perhaps accompanied by photos of an adviser / in a sweat / with a pen in his hand and a tired look to testify to the hard work. They manage to make propaganda even if the toilet flush in the bathroom is changed in the region of Basilicata. So you want them not to do it on health? A new example is the statement by Health Advisor Francesco Fanelli (Agriculture until about a month ago) on women’s health whose national day is celebrated today, April 22. Ours, which seems to need a little more time to understand that there is a difference between a crusco pepper and an ultrasound, takes the opportunity to make the usual propaganda proclamation and say that “Awareness, attention and information on the issue of women’s well-being are an essential and constant commitment for the Basilicata Region and its health companies.“.”Promoting women’s health is essential” And “For this reason, Regional Health makes every effort to offer women complete and qualified assistance in all phases of their lives, from adolescence to adulthood, from motherhood to menopause.“.

Too bad that now it is not even possible to book an examination that allows women to do prevention or treatment. When, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to be called back from the “Cup Amico”, the waiting lists take away all your hope. And what about the check-ups booked for two years and being postponed, and postponed and postponed. Oncology screenings then…according to what former health adviser Leone said a few weeks ago, would have been delayed by those who should have started them after the darkest period of the pandemic.

Faced with Councilor Fanelli’s resounding press release on National Women’s Health Day, we tried to understand what initiatives had been put in place in Basilicata for the occasion. No initiative, except for the Crob of Rionero which activated the gynecological clinic dedicated to Ukrainian women by joining the Fiaso Sigo initiative, and providing a toll-free number (800 592 782), with a Ukrainian operator, for refugees arriving in Italy . Needless to say, “Francesco Fanelli, Health Councilor of the Basilicata region, expressed his deep appreciation for joining the initiative”.

“Satisfaction”. “Appreciation”. “Effort”. “I’m in”. The reality, on the other hand, is different and it would be enough to stop for a moment near a Cup counter to realize it. Or take the trick ordinary citizens do to book a CT scan or mammogram. Instead, we continue to pretend that everything is fine and to mock the Lucanians, and in this case the Lucanians, with cheap propaganda.

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