Ex Ilva, two accidents in 4 days in Genoa: the ASL stops the “princely” factory of the steelworks. “Danger to the safety and health of workers”

Two accidents in four days, the ASL control and the decision: stop at“princely” plant of the establishment ex Ilva di Cornigliano, in Genoa. With the consequence that Steelworks of Italybeneficiary of ArcelorMittal and of The state, laid off 180 workers. In the Genoese steelworks, the tragedy has come closer in recent days due to the breakage of a hoist and a cable which caused the fall of metal coils of a few tons. And what happened sparked an ASL3 inspection which, following investigations, ordered the tin cycle cold rolling train to be halted for safety reasons, says TAF 2which “commands”, since it constitutes the first step, all pewter buckle of the establishment.

The local health authority prescribed “the immediate adoption of measures to stop the hazard for the security and the health workers”. The restart of the can line “comes subordinate to the adoption of these measures “explains the Genoese health authority. From what has been learned, Acciaierie d’Italia has indicated that it is able to carry out the repairs in a few days, in order to reopen the establishment immediately after the holidays Easter. But with a letter sent to the RSU, he also ordered the placement in layoffs of all personnel employed in the tinplate cycle, approximately 180 workersin addition to the 250 already placed in extraordinary layoffs without the agreement with the unions.

Tuesday’s incident followed that of Saturday where the cables of a crane had torn causing the fall of a roller 10 tons. In this case, the inspectors had seized cables and a block of a cranewho was however not the only one to operateplant mood. Now, until the company provides replacements from the Genoa factory, it will no longer come out there. tin essential especially for food market.

“The detention established by the competent authorities – comments the coordinator of the RSU, Armando Palombo – is proof of what we have been saying for months, namely that the company does not only investments but neither maintenance and the fact that it keeps the most important cycle under these conditions e strategic of the factory speaks volumes about the attention it pays to the production of the Genoese site”. On Tuesday, the unions noted all the problems linked to the state of the power plants in the brief delivered during a meeting at the prefect “What we found very prepared and sensitive – underlines Palombo – Now we are waiting for the table next week with the company: we are getting there with yet another accident and yet another derailment of a locomotive, hoping there are no more. Just yesterday, a worker was not far from the reel and only for this reason he was not injured”.

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