Explosive, taller, firmer buttocks with this 15-minute circuit workout

Today is March 1. We are officially entering the month of spring. In short, summer is fast approaching. And, like every year, with the summer season, the dreaded swimsuit test will be on time. It is therefore good not to procrastinate too much. We are all well aware that last minute miracles do not exist. Even fad diets don’t work. There is no need to deceive yourself. To obtain good results, and especially that they are durable, it is necessary to make a constant and regular work. So it’s time to start training. In June, we will be able to proudly show the results of our work. As already mentioned, consistency is the determining factor. No need to tire yourself for hours and hours. Many women would like to have a nice flat stomach. A toned abdomen, perhaps marked by abdominal lines. In this regard, these 5 exercises could help you. Still for an abdomen of steel, this circuit could also be particularly effective.

Highly coveted is also a beautiful rear. Everyone would like to have a perfect B-side: big, round and firm, on the Brazilian model. In this article we will give useful tips for working on the buttocks. We are going to propose a fast circuit but composed of intense and well-targeted exercises. Obviously, this is a free body workout, so comfortable to perform at home. To intensify some exercises, you can at best use anklets.

Explosive, taller, firmer buttocks with this 15-minute circuit workout

Let’s start our mini circuit in the position on all fours, or “on all fours”. We put our elbows on the ground and perform, obviously with one leg at a time, a few back pushes. The foot must always be kept in the “hammer” position. In the return phase, we never put the knee on the ground. Do 15 reps on each side for 3 sets in total.

At this point, still from the same starting position (on all fours), execute the jumps, but this time pushing upwards with the sole of the foot. Again, always 15 reps per side and for a total of 3 sets.

Remaining on all fours, then extend one leg backwards and, extending the tip of the foot, perform circular movements. Make 10 “circles” in one direction then reverse the direction of rotation and make 10 more. Same with the other leg. It seems like a trivial exercise but you will immediately feel the buttocks working very intensely.

Let’s go to one side now

Lying on your side, keeping your foot “hammer”, do frontal thrusts. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps at a time, always alternating sides.

Finally, still in a lateral position, lying on your side, raise your leg and perform 10 rotations, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Alternate left and right sides for 3 sets total.

By applying ourselves consistently and performing these exercises regularly, we could achieve explosive, bigger and firmer glutes in no time.


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