F1 Imola 2022, Bonaccini: “The Gp is ​​worth 200 million in linked assets” – Sport

Imola, April 15, 2022 –The hope, even the certainty, is to see an extraordinary weekend with so much enthusiasm. What we experienced many years ago in Imola. And that I’m sure we’ll be back next week. There are all the ingredients to make it an extraordinary event.” Imolese Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Freedom Media and therefore head of Formula 1thus welcomes the now imminent return of the circus world champion to his city.

After two races behind closed doors (November 2020 and April 2021), from Friday to Sunday 24 next, the public will find the Enzo and Dino Ferrari stands 16 years after the last San Marino Grand Prix won by Michael Schumacher. The expectation is great. After the milestone of 100,000 appearances over the three days (a kind of minimum target) was reached in the middle of the week, yesterday the bar rose to 105,000.

The maximum capacity of the racecourse, reduced compared to the past also due to the unavailability of the Tosa ecological grandstand, is now set at around 80,000 for each day of the event.

The totality Sold out for Sunday’s race is near (circular tickets and tickets for the central stands are still on sale), while insiders reason on the basis of 130/140 thousand entries throughout the weekend. “We hope that there will not be one spectator less than the one who can enter and that there will be well over 100,000,” said the president of the Region. Stefano Bonaccini. “We will do the calculation in the end, but Ferrari’s successes will certainly bring even more audiences”, adds the governor, who estimates that the event for the Emilia-Romagna region is even “more than 200 million euros”. .

Still Speaking of numbers, it’s worth noting how much the costs for the event have increased from what was originally estimated. Indeed, it was a question of 20 million distributed between the Ministry of Economy and Finance (5), that of Foreign Affairs (7), the Region (5), the Con.Ami (2) and the Aci ( 1). The figure for local authorities is confirmed. But that attributed to the Automobile club Italia, which will however be able to make the investment profitable thanks to the collection of ticket sales, seems to have experienced exponential growth. From what it has been possible to piece together so far, not because of the inclusion of the Sprint race on Saturday (punctual and free of charge), but because of a change in the fee to be paid to the promoters of the event (even if the versions are contradictory on this subject) ) and especially for more important organizational expenses.

“The Imola Grand Prix cost 27, 28, 29 million … – calculates the president of the ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, in the press conference to present the event -. And it should also be of the order of magnitude of income. We hope that by the day of the race we will be able to sell the little that remains to be sold, to have an even rounder result. Instead, try to take advantage of the mayor’s renewed optimismMarco Panieri. “After two years, this Grand Prix is ​​one of revival and hope – assures the mayor -. The structure has been ready, the city is preparing as well as possible. It’s a great opportunity. The public will however be very numerous .you only enter safely”.

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