Falconara, here is the “Unforgettable Triumph” evening – Sport

by Giacomo Giampieri

“I feel a mixture of joy, pure adrenaline and a lot of fatigue. There is a difference between winning this year and winning last year. Then it was ecstasy, it was the first. This time it comes after an endless series of emotions.” There is a lot to add. Except that it is the victory of Falconara, but also of the whole movement of women’s football at 5. It was a unique event, with triumphant figures on Sky and more than 140,000 spectators. And then Puglia and Puglia won.” Bisceglie who hosted the event in a great way. Anyone could have obtained the Cup, in front of a balanced level of the teams. For that, I congratulate the girls and the staff. And I dedicate the trophy to our people, to those who have come down, to those who have always followed us, to those who will follow us. Our goal is to involve more and more people. And the show has only just begun.” Never mundane and always extraordinarily lucid in his exams Marco Bramucci, president of the city of Falconara, has a tired voice when reached on the phone after the trip home but he is obviously still enthusiastic about what the Citizens have done He, like the whole club, has grown from year to year and has now reached the Olympus of futsal in pink, to compete for records and titles (two already displayed, the Italian Cups, editor’s note). is a huge satisfaction – adds General Manager Lo Renzo Mondini -. Maybe for the first time we were facing the competition as favourites. And instead, the beauty and unpredictability of the sport brought the most fun and exciting Final Eight to life. There is even more pride in having won it. So a huge congratulations to the girls and the staff, next to that to the great opponents. Together we have shown how great women’s 5-a-side football is.”

Mirco Massa, the sporting director, another of the architects of the birth of the club, is also radiant: “In the 22 years that I have been in this world, I have never seen anything like it – he says -. Winning three matches , in this way and in the end, it is something unrepeatable. But I am convinced that it is not the fruit of chance, but of a way of being and of living that we have: never give up. We often say to ourselves “Falconara cannot lose”. It was also this time. When we were with Bisceglie and we took it over in the quarter-finals. When with Lazio, “the god of futsal” gave us allowed us to buy back a credit we had had for a few years (when Serie A was in its infancy). And the same after a magnificent final with La Statte which we deserved to win and which we risked losing”. Mr. Massimiliano Neri is grateful: “We knew that repeating ourselves after the Coppa Italia won in Rimini a year ago would be difficult – he says -. We had more difficulties and on the road we encountered fierce opponents. But We always stayed there. With heart, pride and technique. To put the ball in the opponent’s area in the last seconds, it’s going to be lucky. That’s why I’m proud of the girls It’s a group that never gives up, never gives in to adversity.” And how exciting. Fans in mind: “Our thoughts are with them. They were fewer than Statte – closes the coach – but they felt equal. How nice it is to celebrate together.”

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