Falconara, school canteen: the new contract is triggered. Less waste and organic food

FALCONARA – 100% organic fruits, vegetables, pasta and beef are hitting Falconara’s school lunch tables and, if children show they don’t like certain dishes, recipes will be changed to make them even more most “unpleasant” ingredients palatable. These are some of the innovations envisaged by the new canteen service contract, based on the award made official on March 23 and in force from tomorrow April 1. The contract, through the call for tenders announced by the Municipality, was awarded to Cimaswho has been running the service since fall 2019.

“During the school year – underlines the mayor Stefania Signorini, with delegation to the School – five cycles of Classes food education, to make children understand the importance of eating fresh products, to preserve nature, to guarantee the quality of the food that ends up on our tables, to raise awareness against food waste. Also this year, as has happened since 2016, we have not increased the rates and we are keeping part of the cost that would otherwise fall to the families at the expense of the Municipality: we are all living in a period of great difficulty, due to healthcare crisis and rising costs. I thank the Mensa Commission and the President because thanks to their contribution we have managed to achieve high quality service levels”.

The Pesaro company has made a strong bet on organic food, guaranteeing 100% ingredients of organic origin (a quantity well above what is required by the minimum environmental criteria) for all the foods in the basket: fruits, vegetables, vegetables, legumes, cereals, durum wheat semolina pasta, rice, beef and veal, peeled tomatoes, tomato pulp and sauce and extra virgin olive oil. The choice to favor the short or zero kilometer supply chain (such as pork, rabbit, beef, chicken and turkey) and to favor seasonality also guarantees the quality of the food.

One of the systems to reduce the waste, which is based on the analysis of waste, that is to say the food that remains on the plate. To assess the appreciation of the menu are also provided questionnaires via the web or on paper. In the event of unwelcome dishes, Cimas will change the recipes, as has happened in other schools, for example with the stewed cod: the children began to appreciate it when it was offered in the form of dumplings. The other measures for reducing and recovering food surpluses have been confirmed, first of all by software allowing better management of raw material orders. Despite these interventions, it may happen that children do not eat everything that is offered to them. the intact goods not distributedin the case of cooked foods or in any case with a very short shelf life, they are intended for Abraham’s tent, while the remains they are delivered to the kennel, managed by the Anita association.

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