Fedez operated in San Raffaele. Health issues from 2018 to today

Surgery at San Raffaele in Milan for Fedez, operated on the abdomen. Let’s find out more about his condition today and the demyelination he’s talked about in the past.

Lucia Resta and Vera Martinella

Update March 23, 2022, Fedez operated

Fedez underwent surgery in hospital San Raffaele from Milano. As reported by Republic, the surgery was on the abdomen and it’s not yet known exactly what it is, or if there’s a connection to the dysfunction that Fedez had talked about in the recent past, namely demyelination. In an Instagram story yesterday, he said: “Tomorrow will be one for me important day“and many, in fact, had thought of an operation. For the moment, therefore, it is not yet specified for what disease Fedez was operated, but most likely now that he’s lifted that “burden” he could finally tell his followers who have been worried about him these days. During this time the confirms that Fedez is in the hospital it was also given indirectly by his own wife Chiara Ferragni, who posted a family photo with the birthday cake of little Vittoria, who just turned one today. The entrepreneur wrote: “Happy first birthday to our Vittoria. We took these pictures on Sunday, a few days in advance, because we knew dad would be in the hospital today (but he’ll be home soon). We love you madly potato”.

On March 18, Fedez’s health problems

Rapper news Fedez sick and worried about a health problem that has been diagnosed these days, it was one of the most read and followed yesterday, but the artist did not specify at the moment what kind of disease it is, he just said he will reveal it shortly. But already in December 2019during his appearance on the Peter Gomez TV show The confession on Nove, he revealed: “I found something called demyelination in my head, I’m at risk for multiple sclerosis”. The problem he has now might actually be something other than the one discovered in 2018, but in the meantime, to find out more about Fedez’s condition, it’s good to understand what is demyelination and what risks does it expose.

For Fedez, disease diagnosed and not yet revealed

Yesterday, Fedez shocked everyone by making an announcement in his long story on Instagram, having just been moved: “Unfortunately I have been found a health problem, but luckily he was found with good timingwhich implies an important path that I will have to take.” Then he explained to me that for the moment he still does not want to say exactly what it is: “Not now, not at this moment when I have the impression of being close to my family and my children and that I will want to say in the future. “But he pointed out why, although he hasn’t yet been clear on what illness do you havehe wanted to talk about it again: “If this story of mine manages to compare even one person, who is perhaps not lucky enough to be surrounded by affections like me with my family, makes me think that this parenthesis of my life has its own utility, something that cannot be given. For the past few years, it’s like I’ve had some sort of shared memory album, and it’s only now that I realize the importance of squeezing a smile out of someone who may be going through a difficult time. “Finally, Fedez added: ‘Right now I’m not lucid enough to go further. But I am ready to face this new adventure that life has presented to me. And I thank my wife for being close to me these days. I send you a big hug. i hope i can give you positive updates as soon as possible“.

Fedez sick, encouragement from all

Cheers to Fedez from everyone came throughout the day. The first was obviously his wife Chiara Ferragniwho also speaks on behalf of young children Leone and Vittoria: “The love of my life, Fedez, needs extra support these days. We love you more than ever my love, and you will soon be well, always surrounded by the affection of your whole family, your friends and the people who love you very much”. Subsequent messages also arrived via social media from many VIPs, colleagues like Emma Brown And Levantto television personalities, such as Antonella Clerici and Barbara D’UrsoUp to Matteo Salvini, with whom Fedez had more than one disagreement. The League leader wrote: “We may have argued in the past but today it doesn’t matter. Come on boy!”.

Demyelination: what is it?

Although we don’t know exactly what disease Fedez was talking about yesterday, what is certain is that already in 2019 he revealed that he had the demyelination, which can still play an important role in your current state of health. A premise is essential to understanding what demyelination is, that it is not a real disease, but a “dysfunction” which can be the basis of various pathologies. Demyelinating diseases are a group of diseases that damage myelin, the lining that surrounds most nerve fibers in the central and peripheral nervous system. Like the coating on an electric wire that protects the metal inside. When the myelin is worn down or damaged, the nerves don’t work well. They can deteriorate and cause problems in the brain and throughout the body.

Talk to the expert

Damage to the myelin sheath around nerves is called demyelination. “It is a disease process that results in the loss of the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerve bundles at the level of the central nervous system, and the myelin sheath that surrounds the peripheral nerves at the level of the peripheral nervous system” explains Alfredo Berardelli, President of the Italian Society of Neurology. And he adds: “In practice, when the myelin sheath is irreversibly damaged, the conduction of the electrical signal can no longer take place and the nerves (which are made up of multiple bundles of nerve fibers) are damaged.”

What diseases is demyelination related to

“The most well-known demyelinating disease affecting the central nervous system is multiple sclerosis, a chronic inflammatory disease, but it’s not the only one,” replies Berardelli. Multiple sclerosis (an autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakes myelin for a foreign substance and damages it), optic neuritis (i.e. inflammation of the optic nerve) and acute encephalomyelitis disseminated (ADEM) are types of demyelination caused by inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), on the other hand, depends on an inflammatory demyelination of the body’s peripheral nerves. Rather, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) is determined by viral demyelination.

Demyelination, symptoms and neurological signs

“The signs of multiple sclerosis vary depending on the location of the central nervous system that has been affected by demyelination, which is why there is a wide variety of clinical manifestations” responds Berardelli. In fgeneral, signals are neurological and they vary according to the demyelinated nerve fibers, the pathology and its evolution. They include muscle weakness, involuntary muscle contractions (spasticity) and loss of reflexes and uncoordinated movements, paralysis, loss of sensation, tingling, vision problems (blurred vision) dizziness, hearing problems, difficulty speaking, incontinence, fatigue, nausea, headache, fever.

Are there treatments for demyelinating diseases?

For some demyelinating diseases, there is no effective treatment. THE corticosteroids may be useful in acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Drugs that prevent the immune system from attacking myelin sheaths are also used in multiple sclerosis, along with drugs to control symptoms. Physiotherapy and physical activity are a big help to reduce spasticity and control balance problems. “The therapy of multiple sclerosis involves therapy of acute manifestations, usually with cortisone-based drugs. And then there is preventive therapy, to avoid clinical relapses, with drugs that act through immunological mechanisms” concludes Berardelli.


During the 2021-2022 Christmas vacation, Fedez also had Covid with his wife, who had been negative before him. Even then, he had shared his illness on social media. Covid, as we have seen over these two years, it can have various consequences on the body of those affected and could be an additional element to consider in the assessment of the Fedez’s health.

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