Feeding the Pyrenean Shepherd with a shaved face: feeding and doses

Feeding of the shaven-faced Pyrenean Shepherd: doses, frequency of meals and diet adapted to this versatile breed.

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Your dog’s ideal weight contributes to the animal’s health and well-being, so providing the right nutrition for your four-legged friend will keep him healthy and happy.

here because, in this article you will find some suggestions concerning the right dosages, the right frequency of meals and the adequate nutritional values, for the diet of the Pyrenean Shepherd with a shaved face.

Feeding of the Pyrenean Shepherd with a shaved face: quantity

The right amount food to give your dog it’s possible establish it only by knowing the characteristics and way of life of the animal.

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The short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd, like the long-haired cousin, is a breed of dog of French origin and it also has the same characteristics.

It used to be a breed very popular with horse dealers and herdsmen.

To date, it is a very versatile dog and also suitable for canine sports, such as: obedience and agility, flyball and working trials.

It is able to burn a lot of caloriesso much are the energies he burns in his commitment to carrying out the work assigned to him.

He is a dogI am medium-small, with a muscular and agile build. It measures about 40-50 cm (females a little less) e weighs about 10 kg.

It’s a working dog versatile, able to adapt to apartment and family life as companion dogbut despite this it is outdoor lover And you have to do a lot of movement.

these just described these are generic indications and refer to the breed but they may vary from subject to subject.

For this reason, in order to establish the right amount of food to administer, it is necessary to know other useful factorsfor example: the dog’s age, sex, health and lifestyle.

Generally we can tell you that experts advise for a puppy from 2 to 6 months old, 3-4 complete and balanced meals per day that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While for an adult specimen of a Pyrenean Shepherd with a shaved face, i meals should be divided into 2 daily servings about 150-280 g (of food per day).

When calculating the amount of daily food also consider dog snacks (such as dry chews), which should not represent more than 10% of the dog’s daily diet.

A suggestion might be to use some of his kibble as a snack.

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What to feed the Pyrenean Shepherd with a shaved face: nutrients

When it comes to dog food, to ensure your pet has a healthy and happy life, you don’t have to to consider only the quantity but the quality too.

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In order to provide the dog with a complete meal, it should be borne in mind that in each meal there must be the following nutrients:

  • proteinand for the dog: they are responsible for the development and growth of the dog’s muscle tone and bones;
  • carbohydrates: they are rich in sugars and are the ones that provide the most energy and fiber, necessary to be able to carry out good digestion;
  • fibers: promote regular bowel movements;
  • fats: they are an important source of energy and are mainly responsible for the transport of substances in the body as well as the support and development of joints and the nervous system;
  • vitamins and minerals: they help keep the immune system strong and healthy.

Whether you decide to provide an industrial food (for example, kibbles that can be bought on the market) or opt for home feeding (based on the BARF diet), the nutrients listed above are essential in both cases. .

However, beyond the food choice you decide to make for your four-legged friend, the important thing is to be followed by a veterinarian.

The doctor will be able to suggest the most appropriate diet your dog’s needs and track fido’s health status, by blood and urine tests, in the various routine checks.

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What not to feed the Pyrenean Shepherd with a clean face: prohibited foods

all dogs, not just the sharp-faced Pyrenean Shepherd, they may have a bad attitude towards food.

Very oftenblame it is not possible to attribute it only to the gluttony of the dog, but it is often the lack of pulse of the master or also from her unawareness of sharing inappropriate foods to the dog.

Another bad habit concerns the serving snacks between meals, that affect the weight of the dog.

This bad behavior this can only harm the health of the dogsince certain foods can be really toxic for the body of the animal which is different from ours.

The main harmful foods for dogsI am:

  • food excessively seasoned or salted;
  • sweet foods or spicy;
  • small and fragile bones (like those of chicken and rabbit);
  • garlic and onions;
  • drinks like coffee;
  • Chocolate.

So, for any possible choosing or varying your dog’s food is always a good idea consult your veterinarian.

Remember that a dog that eats well, is healthy and above all peaceful the Pyrenean Shepherd with a clean face, if properly maintained, it can get to live to be 14 years old.

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