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Promotion Reggio Emilia Gir.B. In the week of the return derby, Carpi’s two victories: Nazareno (Salami 25, Beltrami 14) celebrate Salami’s return in the best possible way. Many absences but, despite a start from Reggio, the guests gave the decisive turn on the Beltrami-Rizzo axis in the third quarter, assisted by the entire rearguard of coach Barberis. Victory also for Carpine (Gasparini 25, Piuca 10) who conquered Albinea with a Gasparini of 25 points with 7 bombs. A smiling start for Iwons, with the white-reds chasing and overtaking. The recovery starts badly for Carpine, but Gasparini gets back in the chair and the 3 triples of the last fraction allow the guests to manage the advantage, sealed by the coldness of Guagliumi on free throws.

Results: Arbor-Luzzara 45-61, Iwons-Carpine 55-62, Gelso-Campagnola 54-60, US Reggio-Nazareno 65-79, Canossa-Jolly 62-50.

Ranking: Campagnola 34, Carpine 26, Luzzara 24, Canossa 16, Arbor 16, Gualtieri 14, Guastalla 12, Nazareno 12, Jolly 12, Iwons 8, Gelso 6, US Reggio 6. Bologna Gir.C. Promotion. Sasso Castelfranco comes in fifth (Nasuti 21, Cavani 10), who crushes the Spartans with excellent defense. Sasso adjusts his aim in the second half by digging an important furrow. A sterile third quarter offensively is compensated by a granite defense which puts the game on ice on the +22 of the penultimate siren. Cus (Petrella 16, Villani 15) salvaged the game at Galliera by winning 54-59 thanks to Villani’s points, Petrella’s bombs and Alessandrini’s free shots in the final.

Results: Sasso Castelfranco-Spartans 68-31, S.Giorgio-Bianconeriba 43-74, Galliera-Peperoncino 51-54, Crevalcore-Vis 70-61, Diablos-Medolla 69-58. Ranking: Peperoncino 24, Cus 24, Sasso 22, Crevalcore 20, Spartans 18, Bianconeriba 14, Vis 14, Galliera 12, Medolla 10, Gallo 10, Diablos 6, San Giorgio 4.

Reggio Emilia First Division Gir.D. The big match was won by the undefeated Spilamberto (Guidotti 27, Franchi 18), who also won with Magreta (Di Curzio 13, Scarpa 10). The guests delay the initial local breakaway, Guidotti monopolizing the white-green attack in the second quarter. Returning from the locker room, Magreta blames fatigue paving the way for Spilamberto, who lands 5 consecutive bombs. Clear external success for Castelfranco (Tedeschi 17, Riccò 11) at Modena Basket (Ilao 10, Drusiani 9). Guests go 5-15 after a few minutes, but suffer Mo.Ba comeback. The pressing Castelfrancais works and testifies the interval 30-48 which closes training prematurely. In the second half the scenario does not change (34-68 at 30′) and coach Roncaglia leaves room for everyone.

Results: Spilamberto-Magreta 78-63, Modena-Castelfranco 50-75.

Ranking: Spilamberto 24, Formigine 24, Magreta 22, Castelfranco 14, Universal 10, Sassuolo 8, Campogalliano 6, Vignola 4, Accademia 4, Modena 2.

David Ceglia

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