Fiorentina Empoli, Andreazzoli: “The referee changes jobs”. Video

Empoli coach’s words after the loss to Fiorentina on the pitch: “Luperto’s dismissal was decisive, the first yellow card wasn’t there. It’s clear he can’t do it. say. And then why whistle before the end of the recovery? Arbitration is difficult, but when there is no sensitivity it is better to change professions “


A good field test Fiorentina: the complicated period for theEmpoli, without a win since last December. Another knockout for the team Aurelio Andreazzoli, lost 1-0 by Franchi. The episode that led to the outcome is decisive disputed expulsion from Luperto: from the penalty following the second yellow shown to the defender, the goal of Viola arrived. “It’s the forces on the pitch and the facts that decide the matches – explained the coach of Empoli to Sky Sport – not the emotion. The first warning is the most decisive, not the second. I was two meters away and I saw very well, the phallus was the reverse. And it wasn’t just me of that opinion, but also the fourth official. I can’t say it clearly, but it seems to me that he was of my opinion. It was the opponent’s fault and the warning was taken by Luperto. It’s already hard to play against Fiorentina on equal terms, with ten it becomes more and more complicated”.

“Those who have no sensitivity change jobs”


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The double yellow to Luperto but not only, Andreazzoli did not like another decision of the referee Massimi: “I am also sorry for these last ten seconds, we beat the offensive line-up with Fiorentina struggling e the referee did not let us. I understand the mistakes because I’m the first to make a lot of them, I made some today too. Corn those with no sensitivity had better change jobs. You have to be sensitive to how things are going, even if refereeing is a difficult task and I have always supported him. But the sensitivity cannot be missing, because otherwise nothing works. I don’t understand why you have to whistle before the end of the five-minute recovery. We were very sensitive during the game and that’s what we always try to instill in the boys: Gonzalez got injured and we kicked the ball while in the first half, Gonzalez himself had gone to shoot with Luperto on the ground. It is this sensitivity that must be pursued and taught”.

“We play even better than in the first leg but we are not rewarded”

In conclusion, the Empoli coach commented on the moment of his team, which after an excellent start to the championship has not won for 14 days: “The second round is getting heavier for obvious reasons. I don’t think it’s a lack of enthusiasm – Andreazzoli concluded – our behavior is more or less the same. We always have the same ideas and the same desire and I think we also offered better performances than in the first leg. But we are not rewarded. Without a doubt, we will try to continue giving the best of ourselves and in this sense boys never cheated. But you can’t always score points even if you try your best. ยป


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