First aid, Health House, Community Hospital: the Democratic Party takes stock of the health of Follonica

FOLLONICA – To fully resume political activity after the Covid emergency, the Democratic Party Health Theme Group gathered to take stock of the priority issues concerning First Aid, the EHPAD, the Community Hospital and investments with the PNNR.

“At First aid – affirm from the Democratic Party – we fully confirm what has already been publicly proposed, shared and underlined by Mayor Benini to the health management of the South East ASL with its full functioning which must be an extension, a territorial extension of the Service of the Emergencies of Massa Marittima in which they rotate, in rotation, all the medical and paramedical employees who are part of the emergency team so that the most experienced and capable professionals can integrate and collaborate with more colleagues young people, thus creating a “virtuous circuit” of culture and experience. Inside, the Follonica First Aid should contain “two low-intensity treatment chairs”, so that patients with clinically relevant conditions can be kept under brief observation”.

house of health: the existing structure will have its own evolution Hub Community House financed with the resources made available by the Pnrr for territorial health using already existing ambulatory spaces, a structure in which there is a multifunctional team of Mmg with doctors h24 and nurses h12, and other health professionals and can also accommodate social workers”.

social assistance center in the 167 West: it will be carried out by the rental purchase of the former premises of Conad with the signing of the contract between the Régie de Santé du Sud-Est-SdS-Coeso and the management of Conad with the start of work planned in the current year “.

Medium term project: we proposed the creation of a community hospital of intermediate care for chronic and complex exacerbated patients and the creation of a hospice with a few beds dedicated to end-of-life patients, as well as paying the greatest attention to the functioning RSAs (via Falusi) taking into account management and maintenance costs and the law regulating free choice and the possibility of providing for the creation of new structures by private companies in the event of compensation. We also stressed the need to have day centers for the elderly and for minors and the disabled”.

“On the points listed, the social assistance center, the community house, the Rsa for the elderly and the day care centers for the elderly and disabled minors, we express our satisfaction for the projects envisaged in the short term. -medium and medium term, while we believe that the full operation of first aid.For this through the adviser of the Democratic Party Donatelle Spadi, we believe it is our duty to involve the Regional Council of Tuscany and the Councilor for Health to assess the full extent of the impact that this service has repeatedly highlighted by the Mayor on health management of the south-east of Asl as an indispensable and indispensable need for the second city of the province, without a hospital, but endowed over time with neighborhood structures to be strengthened and innovated, with its 22 thousand inhabitants who in summer reached nearly 100,000 attendances”.

“We must take note of the devastating change created by the Covid which has highlighted the shortage of medical and nursing personnel, in particular to equip the hospitals, the district and the first aid structures in Follonica, so it will be necessary and cannot be postponed to schedule the number of essential general practitioners and increase their presence with incentives: economic, scoring, location, incentives for medical teams with new contracts and with the end of the limited number in universities”.

“On the health situation and its future evolution of innovation and reorganization in terms of structures and services, it seems important to us to challenge the institutional or political public assembly to inform users and citizens in detail”.

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