Fishing boats, “Health and Safety” tender in Calabria: the ranking has been published

Improve hygiene, safety and working conditions for Calabrian fishermen, as well as the quality and healthiness of fishery products. This is the objective of the Feamp call regarding measure 1.32 “Health and Safety”, whose definitive classification valid for the year 2020 is available on the institutional portal

Preliminary work carried out by the special evaluation committee set up by the Ministry of Agriculture shows that there are six eligible and immediately fundable projects, for a total grant of 151,577.02 euros.

Twenty-eight other projects, for a total amount of €291,896.04, have passed the eligibility filter but have not yet been funded: they should be able to guarantee adequate coverage in all cases, by finding the are needed.

“We have already asked Mipaaf to be able to transfer additional resources to this important measure – explains the regional adviser for agri-food policies, Gianluca Gallo – in order to guarantee the scrolling of the classification as soon as possible and to be able to finance the 34 projects deemed admissible “.

“This intervention by the Feamp – adds Gallo – is essential to improve the quality and healthiness of Calabrian fish and, therefore, the competitiveness of fishing companies, encouraging investments aimed at modernizing the fishing fleet and improving the conditions of fishermen, both from the point of view of safety and from the point of view of protecting health and hygiene on board, in full compliance with the even more restrictive rules imposed due to the Covid pandemic -19”.

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