Fitbit Sense, the health smartwatch offered at a super discounted price

the Amazon Spring Deals they are finished, but not for this reason other very interesting promotions are missing. Like, for example, lo Fitbit Sense smartwatchtop-of-the-range model from the American firm, which can be found today in offer at the price of 232.37 € (very close to a historic low) thanks to 30% off what does it do save nearly €100. And there is also the possibility of pay it in installments without interest with the service offered by the e-commerce site itself.

Fitbit is one of the first companies to invest in the fitness tracker and smartwatch industry. In recent years, he has focused heavily on the appearance of the Health monitoring and it is no coincidence that the Fitbit Sense has very advanced sensors that monitor various parameters. On the smartwatch we find an ECG app for heart rate, an app for checking stress levels and yet another for measuring body temperature. And then there is also the follow-up of the physical activity with targeted workouts designed according to its abilities and the objectives to be achieved. As often on Amazon, the offer can last a few days, so don’t miss it.

Fitbit Sense: technical sheet and features

Fitbit Sense is one of the smart watches with the most advanced features available on the market. It has nothing to envy to more well-known devices that cost more. With this smartwatch, the American company has focused a lot on the health aspect, integrating new sensors and developing some ad hoc applications. Let’s see in detail.

The design is that Classic Fitbit, with a rectangular dial with slightly rounded edges. The screen size is not very large, so it fits any type of wrist. The dial can also be customized to your needs and up to five can be stored.

the Fitbit Smartwatch is the ideal companion for Take care of your body. Many features are present in the watch, starting with the daily recovery level which tells you if you are ready to train to the maximum or if you still need to rest. On the health front, there are ECG app (electrocardiogram) which constantly monitors your heartbeat and alerts you if it detects any signs of atrial fibrillation. Also available an app for measure skin temperature and one to measure your stress level. There is also some to reduce mental fatigue exercises with guided breathing. Finally, there is no shortage of sleep tracking, with a report on the quality of rest (it also tells you if you snore), and cycle tracking.

In addition to health, the Fitbit Sense smartwatch helps you keep physical activity is also under control. I’m done 20 workouts available according to your characteristics and the objectives to be achieved. Fitbit has also developed applications useful in everyday life, such as Fitbit payment which allows you to pay for your shopping by bringing the clock closer to the point of sale. The battery lasts about a week.

Fitbit Sense on sale on Amazon: price and discount

Today we find it Fitbit Sense smartwatch at the lowest price already of the last few months. You can buy it on Amazon with a 30% off has a price of €232.37. The saving is close to €100 and there is the possibility of paying it in installments at zero rate: 5 installments of €46.48 per month. The smartwatch is sold and shipped directly from the e-commerce site and for delivery you only have to wait a few days (for Prime subscribers). There are 30 days for return.

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