Fitness mats for training, how to choose the right one

the fitness mat it is this purchase that sets the official path to our path to getting back in shape. We know this because we’ve all been there: when it’s time for morning sit-ups, streaming yoga class or pilates in the park, we have to deal with the need to have the good training surface, able to save us from strange backaches and drown out the noises of our domestic exercises, jumping on the spot in the first place.

So how do we choose the fitness mat that best suits our needs? The market offers an infinity of models, from the simplest to the rubber a little less than a centimeter thick to foldables that can also be transported in a suitcase, up to those modular which can really become a kind of sports flooring for parquet at home. In any case, it remains essential that a certain amount be guaranteed non-slip properties, especially to avoid dangerous movements of the feet and knees in the middle of certain yoga or pilates postures. Here, then, is a selection of proposals to browse through in search of the fitness mat that best suits our needs.

The model that almost everyone loves

Simple? Yes, colorful? Too. Practice? Absoutely. The one offered by adidas is a mat for sports and yoga that is literally depopulating on Amazon. Compact, easy to roll up and in a special texture that guarantees stability and adherence to the ground, it is available in a wide choice of colors for all tastes and moods.
Dimensions: 176 x 61 x 0.8cm
We love it because: it is functional and the wide choice of colors allows for some customization.

Professional and eco-responsible

Matlers, professional yoga/fitness mat, non-slip and eco-friendly

The material that composes it is the real strength of this professional mat: it is TPE, a totally non-toxic material with low environmental impact, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is waterproof, guarantees excellent adhesion and can be safely washed with a damp cloth after use. A nylon shoulder strap, included in the collection, facilitates transport. It is currently for sale on Amazon.
Dimensions: 183 x 61 x 0.5cm
We love it because: its high quality is a guarantee of durability and resistance.

Some like it foldable

Navaris, foldable non-slip rubber mat with case

Not just mats that can be rolled up. The Navaris proposal, in this sense, is a model that can be folded on itself and conveniently stored even in a case, perfect to be slipped – for example – in a trolley or backpack for a fitness session. . Ready to go. The thickness of this non-slip natural rubber mat is only 1.5mm in total, and the weight is also greatly reduced.
Dimensions: 183 x 61 x 0.15cm
We love it because: it is very thin and particularly suitable for travel.

Room by room

Edukit, modular EVA rubber mat (24 pieces and 22 edges)

In other words, how to independently compose a rug of the desired size. This modular foam mat consists of 24 square tiles 30.5 cm on each side that fit together to form a real surface 1 cm thick, to protect both the floor and the backs of us who are going to use it. It absorbs shocks from jumps, weight drops, etc., to the delight of our floor and the neighbor downstairs. And yes, it can be disassembled and reassembled at will once the workout is over.
Dimensions: 1.24mx 1.85mx 1cm
We love it because: it’s big and muffles noises even when training in the condominium.

All inclusive

Neolymp, Non-slip Fitness Sports Mat + E-Book With Exercises

Matt, of course. Non-slip, rollable and with a practical hook to transport it without problems once closed, of course. But also a Ebook attached with all the tips for using it in practice, and don’t leave it in a corner of the room to gather dust once that brief interlude of passion for pilates that prompted us to buy it is over. A motivational mat.
Dimensions: 60.8 x 16 x 0.7cm
We love it because: it is all inclusive and also acts as a personal trainer.


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