five young people awarded at the town hall

On April 6, on the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace established in 2013 by the United Nations General Assembly, Mayor Giulia Deidda and Sports Councilor Simone Coltelli received in the municipality Alisia Caciagli, Tecla Lotti, Lavinia Marcocci, Gioia Nazzi and Alessandro Santangelo, four girls and a boy from Santa Croce who have recently distinguished themselves in the world of sport.

Gioia, Alisia and Tecla are three little athletes who skate at the Stella Rossa Pattinaggio sports club in Castelfranco di Sotto.

Gioia, 9, won in 2021 the gold medal at the AICS National Figure Skating Championship, held in Misano Adriatico, and placed fourth at the UISP National Championships in Bologna;

Alisia, 9, won in 2021 the silver medal at the AICS National Figure Skating Championship held in Misano Adriatico and placed third at the UISP National Championships in Bologna;

11-year-old Tecla won the bronze medal in 2021 at the AICS National Figure Skating Championship held in Misano Adriatico.

Lavinia, 16, is an athlete from Canottieri San Miniato who has a long competitive background and who obtained her best result in 2021 on Lake Varese in the Italian junior championship where, in the “four without” specialty, with his team won the silver medal.

Alessandro, 14, runs for ASD Atletica Fucecchio and specializes in distance running. Since the start of 2022, he has participated in four important races, obtaining excellent results in each of them. In Trieste, last month, he finished 5th in the general classification of the Italian cross-country championships, 1st in his category – rookie Cadet year 2008.

“It is with great satisfaction that we presented these plaques which represent the symbol with which our community congratulates and unites around five young excellences of our municipality. They are girls and a boy who, with their successes, bear witness to how passion, dedication and seriousness can lead to the achievement of great goals. Alessandro, Alisia, Gioia, Lavinia and Tecla have continued to persevere in their commitment despite these years of covid, and they are the best proof that passion can truly overcome any obstacle,” said Mayor Giulia Deidda. “Recognizing their successes also means recognizing the merit of their families, of the energies they devote, from all points of view, alongside their daughters and sons. The sports they practice “concludes the mayor” are not represented in our municipality, where however we find many others, but the fact that they were able to practice them a few kilometers from Santa Croce sull’Arno means that our territory is really a big city that can offer a lot and that in the future must have a program that can go beyond the concept of administrative borders, even in the sports field. »

“With the emotion of their young age, Alessandro, Alisia, Gioia, Lavinia and Tecla gave us back their experience, told us of their dedication to little-known and practiced sports that gave them great satisfaction, rewarding them for their commitment they pour into training.” says Simone Coltelli. “The girls and boys of Santacrocese, thanks also to the investments of the municipality, grow up with the idea that sport is something beautiful and necessary and, beyond what they then choose to practice, it is a great success for us because it demonstrates the effectiveness of a political action that comes from afar and that we have chosen to continue to support because we firmly believe that sport is above all an education for life”.

Source: Municipality of Santa Croce sull’Arno

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