Flavio Briatore, birthday in a wheelchair: “Health is essential”

Birthday in the family for Flavio Briatore. Yesterday, the manager turned 72 and partied at Crazy Pizza in Milan, part of the chain of pizzerias he started. The entrepreneur has just returned from surgery which involves a period of immobility. Indeed, in the photos of his birthday, Briatore is in a wheelchair. On March 29, he underwent Achilles tendon surgery. Despite the momentary immobility, the manager continues to work and remains active. To take care of him, a special nurse: his son Nathan Falco, born twelve years ago from his marriage to Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Flavio Briatore (Instagram photo)

How much does Elisabetta Gregoraci’s feather sweater cost?

Elisabetta Gregoraci was also present last night dinner at Crazy Pizza. For the occasion, the Calabrian showgirl wore an oversized white shirt with ostrich feathers. The cost of the outfit signed Ermanno Scervino is 2,050 euros. Despite the divorce in 2017, Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci have remained on excellent terms and both live in Montecarlo a few meters from each other.

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“Elisabetta is a very good mother, we never argued”

“You can break up, not have a relationship with the mother of your child, but not so that it destroys the family – Briatore recently told the newspaper “La Repubblica” – The important thing is not to create trauma in the children. My son is free to stay with me, with her, wherever he wants, let’s try to do the holidays together if possible, we see each other like before. And Elisabetta is a very good mother, we never argued, stories start and end, but our family does not end. We live in Munich 600 meters apart. And let’s make sure we fit the commitments together, if I have to go out, she stays in Munich and I do the same if she has to leave.

Flavio Briatore (Instagram photo)

“It is only when we have problems that we realize that health is essential”

Yesterday Flavio Briatore posted a video on Instagram in order to thank the followers for the affection received on the day of his birthday. “Thank you all: I received a mountain of good wishes and I was very happy – he said – I wish everyone a lot of happiness and good health. Guys, health is essential. This n It’s only when we have problems that we realize that it’s fundamental. First we always think it’s happening to someone else, instead it’s happening to us too, so be careful, do the checks and think that without health there is no life. Hi guys, I love you”.

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