Florence, the new project for sport at the start ‘Movement pills’

The “Movement Pills” press conference was held today, Thursday March 31, in Florence, at the headquarters of the Metropolitan City of Florence at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi. It is the national Uisp-Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti campaign for the fight against sedentary lifestyle and the promotion of the culture of movement that arrives in Florence.

The project of the Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti counts in the Florentine region on the support of the metropolitan city and the 53 pharmacies of the Federfarma, Cispel and Lloyds circuits.

The “Movement pills” packs contain free coupons that allow you to choose from a range of dozens of sports and physical activities. That is to say that the leaflet contained in the box, very similar to that of an over-the-counter medicine, allows you to take advantage of a month of free physical activity and will be delivered by the pharmacist, as well as any medicine .

There are 15,000 parcels that will be distributed in the municipalities where it is possible to practice sports and motor activities. The duration of “Movement Pills” is from April 1 to May 31, 2022.

Twelve municipalities in the Florentine region are involved in the project: Florence, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Bagno a Ripoli, Figline Valdarno, Calenzano, Borgo San Lorenzo, Fiesole, Scandicci, Reggello, Lastra a Signa, Signa, San Casciano in Val di Pesa .

I am 22 sports associations and clubs: Asd Firenze Pallanuoto, Asd Pa-Kua Firenze, Asd Shinsei Firenze, Asd Unione Polisportiva Tavarnelle, Actively Aps, Circolo Nuoto Asd, Golden Sporting Club, Body Intelligence, Sailing Island, Pablo Tango, Polisportiva Fratellanza Popolare Valle del Mugnone, Italy Power Yoga, Sancaballet Asd, Uisp Scandicci gymnasium, Uisp Centro GAV, Uisp Reggello, Uisp Piscina Costolina, Uisp Florence, Iride ssd a rl, Uisp Palestra Gymasa, Uisp Palestra Pop and Uisp San Casciano delegation.

Cral employees of the Tuscany Region, listed in error, do not participate in Pillole di Movimento.

“The Movement Pills project comes after the pandemic and represents a valid contribution to resume physical and motor activity for people who interrupted it during confinement – comments Marco Ceccantini, president of the Florence Uisp committee -. According to the data in our possession to date, there has not yet been a full resumption of activity but the attendance of gymnasiums, swimming pools and sports facilities is around 60 to 65%. Therefore, Pillole di Movimento fits well in this historical context where the population needs a boost to regain the psychophysical well-being that years of pandemic have undermined. Thank you to the affiliated sports clubs and associations who accepted this need and gladly participated in this national initiative of the IUSP which was also taken up by the IUSP committee in Florence”.

“During the health emergency, we are committed to keeping sports activity alive in every way, as a vector of well-being and a school of education in health and human relations – underlines Nicola Armentano, adviser to the metropolitan city of Florence delegated to sport – These pills are excellent medicine as we see the exit at the end of the pandemic tunnel; they are an encouragement against a sedentary lifestyle and bring double relief to those who take them and those who offer them , for full system recovery”.

“The Tuscan system of municipal pharmacies has gladly joined the project promoted by the UISP and the Metropolitan City of Florence. The idea of ​​creating an over-the-counter drug ‘Movement pills’ is an original way of making a health care initiative – reaffirms Alessio Poli, president of the Coordination of Public Pharmacies Confservizi Cispel Toscana – Pharmacy, widespread throughout the territory and highly professionalized, is certainly the ideal place to promote the practice of physical activity not only as an element of prevention linked to correct lifestyle habits, but also as a factor of psychophysical well-being of the person, and by joining this initiative the pharmacies of the Florentine underground area – 41 in total those who adhere thanks to the commitment of the municipal pharmacies of Florence, Farma.net Scandicci, Farmapiana and Farmavaldarno – confirm once again how important they are in their role as health centers and social in the region.

Lists with contact details of participating pharmacies and sports clubs are available on uisp.it.


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