Foggia Catanzaro, Iemmello attacked on the pitch by the Rossoneri ultras

In the Zaccheria match, everything happened: at 5-1 for Catanzaro an attacker invaded the field and tried to hit the Calabrian striker Iemmello. Other invasions also after 6-2, with the launching of objects and smoke bombs. Foggia now faces heavy penalties. The president of the Puglia club: “I apologize to all the Italian supporters”


crazy party one Foggia. During Monday’s postponement between the hosts and the Catanzarovalid for 36th day of the group C of Serie C and won 6-2 by the Calabrian team, the ultras Rossoneri tried to attack the opposing centre-forward Pietro Iemmello, former match and author of a double. It all started in the 19th minute of the second half, with the score 5-1 for Catanzaro: Iemmello was about to take a penalty, which he had obtained himself, when a invader he leaves the north curve and enters the field, trying to attack the player. Unsuccessful operation only thanks to the intervention of the stewards, who hardly block the man. The striker also makes a very clear gesture at Iemmello, waving his arm at throat level: ‘I’m going to cut him off’. The game was suspended for 11 minutes, the time during which Iemmello was substituted to prevent the situation from escalating. Until the final whistle, there were two more invasions, with smoke bombs and curveball items.

Vivarini: “It’s unacceptable to see such episodes”

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A real manhunt, which will have serious disciplinary consequences. Iemmello played at Foggia from 2014 to 2016 in Serie C and in the 2018/2019 season in Serie B: he was the target of insults from the stands by home fans throughout the game. Cagliari Collu referee also sent off Zdenek Zeman collaborator, coach of the Rossoneri, who asked Iemmello to leave the Catanzaro bench after being substituted. The game ended in an incandescent atmosphere and now the ground of Foggia risks a heavy disqualification. “It is not acceptable that in Italy there are no radical reforms on the ethics of sportsmanship”, commented the final whistle ofVincenzo Vivarini, coach of Catanzaro. “Everyone should think football is fun, be calm and not witness episodes of violencen Italy always allows itself everything and lets it do what you want and in the world of football that’s a bad thing”.

AIC: “Very serious act, justice has been done”

Solidarity with Iemmello came from the Associalciatori: “By strongly condemning the very serious episode – write AIC – we hope that the competent authorities will shed light on the circumstances that led to this absolute and unprecedented event. A very serious act which, unfortunately, adds to the long list of cases of intimidation and violence against members highlighted in the ‘Footballers under fire’ report drawn up annually by the Footballers’ Association. » Giulia Elettra Gorietti, actress and partner of Iemmello: “My daughter yesterday watched her dad play and had to attend a show that has everything except the values ​​​​that sport must convey – his words – what happened is unthinkable, death threats and food cuts mimed live on TV in front of children watching their team. I never talk about football but after yesterday I strongly condemn the Foggia club which does not know how to manage its supporters and the matches which take place in its stadium. No need for them to dissociate themselves in interviews, to prove it with facts“.

The president of Foggia: “I apologize to all the Italian supporters”

“I apologize to the Foggia fans for the bad game. But I also apologize to all the Italian fans for what happened on the pitch. I get indignant, I distance myself“. Foggia president Nicola Canonico has clearly dissociated the company from what happened on the pitch in the game against Catanzaro.


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