Foggia, the ‘Foscolo-Gabelli’ promoter of health and well-being with the ‘Physical Snack’ project

Promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of students with ‘Psychic Snack’, the project that started today in the network of schools that includes the ICS Pertini of Ortanova and the SS of 1 ° Grade L. Murialdo de Foggia with the ‘IC Foscolo Gabelli de Foggia as network leader. The initiative, funded by the Ministry of Education – Department of Human, Financial and Instrumental Resources and in partnership with the Department of Humanities, Letters, Cultural Heritage and Educational Sciences of the University of Foggia , will enable students to promote health at school and therefore improve and / or protect the health and well-being of the entire school community by carrying out “active” teaching moments during school hours aimed at encouraging the learning correct lifestyles, extending and broadening the practice of motor activities.

Experts with degrees in the sciences of physical and sports activities (kinesiologists), will guide the students of the online schools to carry out a series of structured activities, with specific interventions and teaching methodologies that will range from traditional teaching moments, thanks to to which the teacher will propose motor tasks aimed at the development of motor skills, the learning of postural patterns and motor skills, varying the modalities of teacher-student and student-student communication, at didactic moments integrated with the use of technologies at through which the teacher will propose motor tasks using tool technologies (eg IWB, LED sensors, video projectors, etc.) and integrating content, purely “motor”, with elements related to food education and learning basic schooling (playful literacy), sometimes, finally, ludo-motor education with structured activities for draw not only from the repertoire, but also from the specific activities and content related to the field of fitness, sports skills, traditional dances and popular games.

The project is under the scientific direction of Dr. Domenico Monacis, research officer for the scientific disciplinary sector M-EDF / 01 of the Department of Human Sciences, Letters, Cultural Heritage, Educational Sciences – University of Foggia – and Prof. Dario Colella, full professor for the scientific disciplinary area M-EDF / 01 at the University of Salento.

“This is a national project – declares Professor Anna Lucatuorto, teacher at Foscolo and project referent for the network’s leading school – of which our school has been awarded, and which has allowed us to carry out, operating in the network of schools , an experience already launched at local level a few years ago. We are proud to think that we can be the only school in Puglia and the third school identified at national level as a promoter of well-being and health. health, in order to be able to present, in the light of the scientific results that will be produced, a prototype of a path that can be implemented in the future in all Italian schools that will choose to put health and physical well-being , mental and social as the basis of their modus operandi as reported in the guidelines of the World Health Council Organization.”

“For some time we have been convinced – adds Director Professor Fulvia Ruggiero – that promoting well-being and health at school means improving and / or protecting the health and well-being of the entire school community, with repercussions that have a positive impact on the whole community.The objective of the project is therefore not only to improve the academic performance of children, but to encourage the learning of correct lifestyles capable of increasing their well-being. -being and the quality of their life. In recent times, sedentary habits have characterized our children, affecting even more the learning of motor skills and the educational process. For this reason, in the school environment, we have thought about carrying out of motor activities promoted during the school timetable, carried out in the intervals and in the breaks, alternating and integrating the frontal teaching activities, “traditionally theoretical”, has with “Active” pedagogical interventions.

These intervention strategies represent, in fact, an opportunity to extend and broaden the practice of motor activities during school hours, by alternating numerous sedentary moments with short-term physical activity, making it possible to enrich and to link body-motor experiences with contributions and elements common to several school subjects (eg Italian, mathematics, geometry, geography, etc.), redefining and reorganizing spaces for didactic activities. It is my duty to thank the heads of the schools in the Prof. Teresa Mazzamurro – Director of ICS Pertini d’Ortanova and Prof. Ida La Salandra – Director of SS 1st year

L. Murialdo de Foggia and in particular Professor Sebastiano Valerio – Director of the Department of Human Sciences, Literature, Cultural Heritage, Educational Sciences – University of Foggia and Professor Anna Dipace – Coordinator of the CdS in Sciences of Motor and Sports Activities – University of Foggia, for their willingness to collaborate as a public partner in planning interventions, training teachers and monitoring processes and results. »

The project will continue until the end of the current school year, with the hope that the scientific results collected will demonstrate the effectiveness and validity of such structured well-being planning and a concrete impact on learning. and the holistic and harmonious growth of students. Networking and continuous research and innovation make the School a veritable knowledge workshop.


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