Food and health: Ferrero Hospital aims to have the best cuisine in Italy

To make “Michele and Pietro Ferrero” of Verduno the hospital with the best cuisine in Italy and with the best food strategy to help patients recover and employees stay in shape and prevent illnesses associated with poor nutrition. In a few words, this is the mission that the “ABCibi – Food and health in the hospital” project will carry out: the initiative officially presented last Thursday, April 7 in the conference room of the hospital unit, in the presence of the head of the clinical nutrition service Dr. Cloè Dalla Costa with the general director of ASL Cn2 Massimo Veglio, with the president of the Foundation for Verduno Bruno Ceretto and the regional health adviser Luigi Genesio Icardi and with the doctors and volunteers who collaborated to the realization of the project.

Let’s learn the “food culture” The proposal was developed over the course of a year from the awarding of a regional call for tenders and developed through multidisciplinary work that involved the Clinical Nutrition Service, the Kitchen, the Economy Service, the Food Hygiene Service, and all those involved in the meal process (from purchasing, to production, to distribution). “ABCibi – Food and Health in the Hospital” was promoted by the Alba-Bra Hospital Foundation with the ASL Cn2, with the involvement of its members and supporters, thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of Labor and Social policies, in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Health and Welfare of Piedmont. This is a project to create, in the new “Michele and Pietro Ferrero” hospital, an excellent restaurant, sustainable and linked to the local economy, usable by patients, employees and other users, and initiatives promoting food culture as an educational tool and primary medical prevention as a tool for reducing environmental risk factors. Eating well in hospital to learn how to eat well at home and on a daily basis. Eat well to feel good and heal when you are sick. In an excellent and wonderful territory, a hospital like Michele and Pietro Ferrero can only aim to be a center of excellence, offering healthy and excellent meals. The project includes several phases starting with the training and continuous updating of staff and continuing and continuing with the redefinition of hospital dietetics to create a meal perfectly adapted to the needs of patients, patients related to dietary prescriptions and users. of the hospital. canteen which each prepares thousands of dishes a day.

Under the banner of sustainable development In a logic of quality and sustainability, the purchase of local and seasonal raw materials will be sought as much as possible. For this action, the project will involve the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo and the Slow Food Convivium Alba-Langhe-Roero. The ideal restoration, the objective of the project, is therefore good, because it ensures a healthy and pleasant diet; educational for employees and customers; sustainable, because it favors the consumption of local products; innovative, safe and adequate, as it is inspired by the most recent nutritional guidelines and aims at the well-being of people and the environment.

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