Food and walks The revival of Sondrio in the super weekend

The illuminated walkway, one of the symbols of the city’s renewal

Presented the weekend of April 9 and 10. All cards are played for a more attractive city. Gastronomy, territory, shows for locals and tourists

Original walks made up of tastings of agri-food products and Valtellina wines that leave from the squares below and arrive in the hamlets, unpublished visits in the city center and in the surroundings also with bicycles and electric cars, as well as street performances and music.

Sondrio uses all his best cards to try to make the capital attractive and reverse the course which sees the streets of the center more and more deserted and the commerce dragging on, hit by two years of pandemic and now also by the effects of the war in Ukraine.

Many are the initiatives conceived within the framework of the program “Sondrio takes you by the throat”, the event scheduled for Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April which in fact opens the season of events in the city. The municipal administration, although a month in advance, officially illustrated the first details of the proposal, designed by Creative Development of Simona Navabut which also sees the collaboration of the mountain community, already a partner of the Interreg Liveliness project on sustainable mobility within the framework of the event, rather than the “Tutti dappertutto” association.

“The event, suitable for everyone, is rich and full-bodied – says the councilor Francesca Canovi – and will allow both the inhabitants of Sondria and tourists and, once again, other inhabitants of the province to get to know the city better. We want our fellow citizens to be the first to mark the date on the calendar to experience together what will indeed be a celebration.”

Festa di Sondrio, celebration of the footbridge over the Cassandras which, already inaugurated and attended (and now also illuminated by LED), will however have even more opportunity to be known and to become an opportunity for enhancement for the whole territory. “The events even in this difficult period are an important lever to encourage the influx into the city and make the context more interesting – assures Nava – but joint action is necessary to generate this change of mentality so necessary in the post-Covid era” .

The two years of pandemic, massive smart working, significant economic difficulties, have indeed emptied the city and accustomed people to being more isolated, to even giving up going out if not essential. This is what the organization wants to try to influence.

“Changing Sondrio’s skin, turning it into a tourist reality is a long process, but we have to start – emphasizes Nava -. Cities acquire attractiveness when the commercial fabric blooms again and that is why it is important that alongside our events there are also initiatives that come directly from operators”.

Hence the request made to merchants and public exhibitors by the district president of the Union of Commerce Manuela Giambelli: “Keep open – his call -. We are well aware of the difficulties of trade at the moment. We must increase the number of visitors and this beautiful event is going precisely in this direction, but if the shops are closed, what emerges is the image of a city that is not very attractive and above all not welcoming.


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