food, doses and frequency of meals

The Celtic Shorthair is a cat from Great Britain: here is what you need to know about the diet of this breed of cat.

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Planning a nutritious and balanced diet for our four-legged friend is essential to ensure that the cat is always healthy. Let’s find out all the information you need to make sure that the nutrition of our Celtic Shorthair is perfect.

Celtic Shorthair diet: doses and meal frequency

When and how much to feed the cat?

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Regarding the frequency of meals, the ideal would be to give baby food twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

This way we won’t risk the furry dog ​​waking us up in the middle of the night because he’s hungry.

Alternatively, we can divide the cat’s daily food intake into small portionsto be given regularly throughout the day to maintain a constant level of energy.

What is the ideal amount of baby food for the Celtic Shorthair? To get an estimate, we will need to multiply 40 grams for each kg of body weight of the animal in order to calculate the dose of wet food.

To find the amount of kibble, however, you will have to divide this figure by 3.

Ideally, however, the cat’s food doses should be planned with the help of the veterinarian, who will assess a series of parameters such as the animal’s lifestyle, age and weight.

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What to feed the cat

What nutrients can’t be missing from the perfect Celtic Shorthair diet?

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First of all, being an obligate carnivore, the cat should eat mainly meat and fish, which contain abundant amounts of animal protein.

Its diet must therefore be based on the consumption of tuna, salmon, sea bass, rabbit, beef, chicken, etc.

From these foods, in fact, the quadruped draws essential nutrients that its body is unable to produce itself.

These are, for example, the B vitaminssuch as niacin, thiamine and cobalamin, responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

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Artisanal or industrial diet of the Celtic Shorthair

What is the best food for Celtic Shorthair between domestic and industrial?

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There is no single answer: if they are well planned, both are valid.

The choice of one or the other must therefore focus on other types of evaluation, depending on the energy and time available to us.

Feeding at home, in fact, takes longer because you have to buy the raw materials and cook them for the cat.

Among its advantages, therefore, there is the fact that we will be able to choose top quality ingredients and follow each phase of food preparation for all four legs.

Be careful though: if not properly planned, the risk of nutritional deficiencies is around the corner. For this it is essential to contact the veterinarian.

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Industrial nutrition, on the other hand, consists of buying ready-to-use baby food directly from the shelves of pet stores.

In this case, it is necessary see the list of ingredients and the nutritional table indicated on the back of the packaging, in order to ensure that the food is first choice.

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