Food, funds and medicine for the Ukrainian people – Chronicle

Charitable initiatives in favor of the Ukrainian population do not stop. Among those who are mobilizing is the CIA – Conad group, which has launched a fundraiser (until April 24), in all its points of sale, in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross. The initiative signed “Let’s support peace” concerns the 277 supermarkets under the Conad brand in the regions where the Associated Independent Merchants cooperative operates: Emilia-Romagna, Republic of San Marino, Marche, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Milan and some provinces of Lombardy. With the support of customers, partners and collaborators, Conad has decided to support fundraising for the Italian Red Cross with the aim of financing activities in support of the civilian population affected by the conflict. Customers will be able to help raise funds for the Italian Red Cross by donating from one euro at checkout. Being alongside people means taking concrete action not only in the territory but also beyond the border to support them in difficult times and above all in a humanitarian emergency,” says Luca Panzavolta, CEO of Commercianti Indipendenti Associati.

Among those who mobilized are also the volunteers of the association Il Cuore di Campo, not new to initiatives that rhyme with solidarity. Its members collect clothes for young and old, blankets and non-perishable foodstuffs (pasta, powdered milk, weaning porridge), as well as money to be transformed into medicine and food. On the initiative of the Circolo Arci Casa del popolo Villa Rotta, a collection of basic necessities took place in three commercial activities. All the inhabitants of the area were very generous and ready to respond to the request for help made by the volunteers, who then took care of sorting the products collected by distributing them in 40 boxes, handed over to the Committee for the Fight against hunger. around the world and left for Ukraine on Thursday.

Speaking of the recent shipment, good news came from the bomb-hit country: Polish firefighters delivered the cancer drugs from IRST to Lviv. Volunteers from Forlì had brought them to the hospital in Wroclaw.

The school also does its part. The “Baracca” Aeronautical Technical Institute wanted to support the Ukrainian population, with a gesture of solidarity, both symbolic and concrete at the same time, by sending food, clothes, blankets and medicine. This is what has been brought together in a chain of solidarity which, born within the school, has recorded an incredible response from everyone, students and school staff. Through a Ukrainian student attending the Institute, we wanted to help the Ukrainian people by contacting the Mallow – Ukrainian Association of Ravenna. Here, thanks to the Municipality of Ravenna, the collection of materials from different parts has begun in a warehouse.

On Sunday April 3, on the occasion of the first opening weekend of the season, Mirabilandia will welcome some families of Ukrainian refugees, welcomed these weeks in Forlì, free of charge, for a day full of lightness and fun. “We enthusiastically joined this commendable initiative promoted by the managers of the park – says Mayor Gian Luca Zattini – because we would like to give a smile and a day of leisure to the many children fleeing the horrors of the conflict. From Forlì several buses will be made available by our local public transport companies to ensure that the many families with children who have arrived in the city have a day of joy and fun”. For info and subscriptions: 0543 712865.

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