Football – Joint training of Junior Calcio Pontestura with Moncalvo Calcio

Joint training: TWO HEALTHY TEAMS
JCP-ASD Moncalvo Calcio-8-2 (23 ‘Erradi rig., 28’ Viazzi, 32 ‘Patrucco, 33’ Pallavidino, 36 ‘Geminardi, 41’ Patrucco, 57 ‘Vergnasco, 61’ Giardina, 68 ‘Patelli, 81’ Vergnasco)

JCP (first half): Boselli, Albino, Moscato, Viazzi (Cap.), Giuseppin, Patrucco, Beltrame, Pallavidino, Erradi, Geminardi, Bianco. All: Bellingeri.

JCP (second half): Boselli, Albino (Moscato), Volpato (Cap.), Giuseppin (Patrucco), Dondi, Porcini, Kerroumi, Roccia, Vedovato, Vergnasco, Tommasi. All: Bellingeri.

Moncalvo Calcio: Vapore, Ferro, Iania, Godino, Suman, Busato, Giardini (Cap.), Iuorio, Kapllani, Bortolameazzi, Giardina, Burroni, Bragato, Defendini, Coggiola, Castro, Patelli, Monzeglio, Soares, Beccaris, Pavese. All: Rossi.

First half: JCP-ASD Moncalvo Calcio-6-0 Corner: JCP-ASD Moncalvo Calcio-12-3

On Thursday April 14, JCP and Moncalvo Calcio met on the synthetic “Bianchi” for joint training. Mr. Bellingeri has given space to those who have played less so far and given some owners some rest. The result was an interesting evening, with a motivated and galvanized Moncalvo from second place in their third-tier championship (less than two from the top). The hosts on the pitch with Boselli in goal; Albino, Viazzi, Giuseppin, Moscato in defence; Pallavidino, Patrucco, Geminardi in midfield; White, Erradi, Beltrame in attack. The visiting team is well prepared on the green rectangle and Mr. Bellingeri asks his men for speed to be able to disengage the rearguard of Aleramic. From the corner action (5 ‘) the ball arrives on the left of Patrucco who ends on the side of the edge. Bianco starts at full speed on the right wing and his cross shot hits the crossbar in the sixth minute. The JCP’s offensive production increases and the guests are unable to leave their own half. At the 12 ‘heel by Erradi which releases in the white surface. The red-white defense is saved at the last moment with a bit of luck. Erradi opens the way for Beltrame in the 14th minute but the suicide bomber’s diagonal is pushed back by the goalkeeper. Geminardi at 15′ runs in a serpentine that takes him a step away from goal; pushed back by the number one guest on the feet of Beltrame and another correct attempt at a corner. The occasion of the flag for White who touches the post from an excellent position. Geminardi for Beltrame at 19′; the decisive pass is fantastic, as is the deflection of the goalkeeper for a corner. At 22′ Beltrame tries again once again served by Erradi. Rejection by the goalkeeper and touch by the hand of an outfield player: penalty. From the spot (23′) Erradi bags halfway up. Moncalvo Fort was hacked after 23 minutes of forcing and now everything is getting easier. Corner from Geminardi (28’) and free header from Viazzi: 2-0. At half an hour the Moncalvo shows up in the vicinity of Boselli. E ‘Defendini with a deflection of the head to touch the far post. The JCP comes back in attack and scores 3-0 with Patrucco who pockets from the edge at the corner of the posts. Ball in the middle, raise from Casalese and low shot from Pallavidino diagonally for the 4-0. Beltrame moves at three times the speed of his opponents on the wing and in the 36th minute serves on the run of Geminardi who, as soon as he enters the box, launches the ball into the net 5-0. At 41’ Patrucco achieves his personal double after breaking free from a sombrero and before the break the Moncalvo goalkeeper saves on Erradi and Bianco.

The Moncalvo at minute 44 engages Boselli with a diagonal from the left. At the start of the second half, Mr. Bellingeri changed the face of JCP by inserting Volpato, Dondi, Roccia, Vergnasco, Porcini, Vedovato, Tommasi and Kerroumi (back after Strambino’s injury). Luca Vergnasco takes 180 seconds to become dangerous. The goalkeeper deviates on the crossbar a few steps from Tommasi who does not find the joy of the goal. The white-red defense is saved on the goal line. On the ninth Defendini (the best of his Steam sets), he engages in a vertical shot that only Roccia’s stubbornness blocks for a corner. JCP scores the seventh goal in the 12th minute. Vergnasco on board engages Ferro, but the “Bianchi” network swells on the rebound. At this moment the guests take over in the midfield and score a nice goal at 16′ with a precise low shot from Giardina. It’s a good moment for the Aleramici and at 23′ Patelli recovers a rebound from Boselli and achieves the point of 7-2. The third goal could arrive in the 24th minute, but the shot from the left skims the post. The hosts beat two free kicks at 30′ and 32′ with Vergnasco (dismissed with the recall hand) and with Patrucco, who touched the post.
Roccia in the 36th invents an assist for Vergnasco and the top scorer of Group B of the First Category is not mistaken: 8-2. Last chance at 38′; Descent from Moscato and a perfect center for Volpato who on the fly hits high on the crossbar. All in all, it was a good joint training for both of us. Moncalvo made a strong impression by presenting some very interesting players. The JCP has confirmed itself in great shape and is preparing to celebrate Easter with the recovery of Kerroumi and with the remarkable progress of a footballer of great importance for the balance between the departments: Andrea Geminardi. Good performances from Mattia Albino and Matteo Vedovato, who train with the yellow-red-blue team.

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