For Gubbio the end of the internal undefeated – Sport





GUBBIO (4-3-3): Ghidotti; Formiconi (34′ rue Mangni), Signorini, Redolfi, Bonini (34′ rue Fantacci); Malaccari, Di Noia (st 22 ‘Sainz Maza), Bulevardi; Arena (34′ rue Righetti), Spalluto, D’Amico (34’ rue Sarao). Torrent of herds. Available: Meneghetti, Sergiacomi, Tazzer, Migliorini.

MANNA. VITERBESUS (4-3-3): Fumagalli; Semenzato, D’Ambrosio, Martinelli, Urso; Calcagni, Iuliano, Adopo; Volpicelli, Polidori (st 43 ‘Bianchimano), Mungo. Dal Canto herds. Available: Bisogno, Marenco, Ricci, Polito, D’Uffizi, Maffei.

Referee: Delrio from Reggio Emilia (Biffi from Treviglio and Sicurello from Seregno), 4th man Cevenini from Siena

Scorers: pt 24′ Spalluto; st 21′ Mungo, 29′ Calcagni.

Notes: st 37 ‘abducted Pistolesi, director of Viterbese for the demonstrations. yellow cards: Iuliano, Bonini, Volpicelli, Mungo, Di Noia, Spalluto, Sarao, Signorini; corner kicks 2-3; rec. 1′-4’

GUBBIO – La Viterbese asserts itself as the “bête noire” of Gubbio and wins a heavy victory in the perspective of the salvation of the “Pietro Barbetti”. The eleven of Torrente, undefeated on their own ground since last October, when Siena with the same score passed, chews bitter above all because it has dominated for a long time and has been penalized by a few episodes exploited by the ability of individuals, Mungo d’ first and Calcagno who, by the way, has always scored against Gubbio players in this championship. A defeat which does not however reflect the trend of the match dominated for about an hour by Gubbio who maneuvered with goods, many built in terms of opportunities, without however exploiting them. Gubbio flies in front of a Viterbo unable to get rid of a pressure which increases over the minutes; defense which holds with authority, midfield which offers continuously, Spalluto forward which frightens all the time, reference of a “dialogue” that Arena, as usual, also animates at the level of the imagination. Malaccari (9′) is the first chance, but from a good position he shoots high, at 23′ Fumagalli is good at anticipating with a nothing Spalluto who deflects with a sure shot, it is the premise of the goal that is coming at the 24 ‘, with Spalluto putting a suggestion of Bonini behind Fumagalli. The purple school suicide bomber still misses the deflection on the Arena-Bulevardi combination in the 27th minute. The second half resumed more or less at the same pace, but with Gubbio a little more inclined to administer, without taking any risks until the 21st minute when Mungo who, from Volpicelli’s header, with a mocking lob Ghidotti at the exit. At 29′ it’s Calcagni, on the development of a corner, to insert the right trajectory. Ill Gubbio, who had already psychologically accused the draw, tried to react with Torrente emptying the bench, and at 45’ Spalluto, with a shot from the axis, served by Sarao, almost equalized., Which would have been deserved.


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