Forli. Assistance to refugees from health and solidarity

At the forefront of the days following the arrival of the first refugees, the doctors and nurses of the association “Santé et Solidarité” are committed to helping those who have arrived in terms of health. Two directives were followed: the first, to provide health assistance to those who arrived, the second, to bring selected medicines and baby food directly to Ukraine. “Already in the very first weeks of the war, Ukrainian families, almost always women with children, arrived on our territory independently – they explain from the association -. People hosted by Ukrainian relatives and friends who already live and work here, or who have come with makeshift means, in great difficulty to find accommodation, with basic necessities. We immediately contacted the Municipality of Forlì and the District of Forlì / Ausl and were included in the local coordination group. In this first phase, we provided health assistance to refugees with health problems, but also screening for their state of health, taking antigenic samples and, in addition, providing information on services in general and on the way of regularizing their condition on the basis of the regulations in force”.

From March 21, the scenario changed. Ausl della Romagna has opened a single access point for each capital, for Forlì the Drive Through al Palafiera, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Covid 19, Mantoux requested the diagnosis of Tbc and issued the Stp card which gives the right to urgent or non-deferred medication and specialized services.


Refugees who need health care for acute and chronic health problems can then turn to the “migrant clinics” in Romagna. The clinic managed by “Health and Solidarity Odv”, in Caritas, via dei Mille, 28, is the reference clinic for Ukrainian refugees who have found hospitality in the districts of Forlì and Cesena, being in Cesena not yet present for the moment a similar operation. Therefore, the clinic has expanded its activities and is open from Monday to Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. “In the clinic, the person is welcomed by a Caritas operator who gives him information about the services. If necessary, a linguistic and cultural mediator is activated – the association resumes -. We also benefit from the collaboration of a Ukrainian refugee colleague. The doctor and nurse present in the clinic carry out medical examinations, dispense medication or prescribe it in a prescription, with which the medication is collected free of charge from a pharmacy. If needed, first grade milk powders, supplements and baby food are delivered or prescribed. The presence of a pediatrician is guaranteed. When the clinical situation requires it, you have the option of making an appointment with a medical specialist and carrying out tests. It is also possible to access psychological interviews by appointment. We also continue to purchase and collect basic necessities and baby food through the subscription launched in recent weeks ( Thanks to the generosity of many people, whom we thank for their donations, a first large shipment of drugs specifically requested, useful in a war scenario (antibiotics, analgesics, insulin, cardiology, diuretics, anti-haemorrhagics, rehydrating solutions) is already arrival in Ukraine, medical and surgical aids and, in addition, powdered and homogenized milk for children. Other shipments will follow in the coming days. Anyone who wishes to contribute can do so by making a donation to “Santé et Solidarité”, Iban: IT 39 B 0854213200000000285513, causal “Emergency in Ukraine””.

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