Forlì regains the strength of its two veterans – Sport

by Valerio Rustignoli

Ten days ago the calendar decreed the beginning of spring, the period of recuperation and rebirth of nature and the return of life. Also at Unieuro there are two players who, in particular, seem to have been reborn in the last home game against Eurobasket: Jacopo Giachetti and Davide Bruttini, in fact, were particularly incisive and there is a lot of their contribution to the success of Forlì. .

For captain Giachetti it was a brilliant performance, with 14 points and 5 assists, the likes of which hadn’t happened for some time: just think that to find a double-digit performance from the Livorno playmaker, you must go back a month, more precisely for February 20, when Giachetti scored 10 points in the defeat of Scafati (97-68). Moreover, in Sunday’s match, another taboo was dispelled: since the end of November, in the match against Latina, Giachetti has gone to double figures six times, mainly against the big names (Chiusi, Verona, Scafati), but only Sunday and against Chieti, at the same time it was a success for his team.

The hope is that this is just a spark that rekindles the fire in a season where, numbers in hand, the red and white captain is doing worse than a year ago: fewer points (7.8 against 8 .5 on average), worse shooting percentages for both twos and threes and a slight increase in rotations for roughly equal minutes. On the other hand, only the assist position, which this season is almost three on average, against the mediocre two of a year ago.

A partly different speech is that concerning Davide Bruttini who, although he too has lower numbers compared to a year ago (especially in points, which fell from more than 10 to less than 8 per game) , had a rather troubled season, between the initial state delay and the Covid which often affected performance. Return which, towards the end of February, seemed totally in a dive, but which, during the last outings, has regained altitude: 11 + 7 rebounds against Fabriano, 14 + 8 against the Blue Star, 14 + 4 against Eurobasket, but with the same evaluation of the other two outings (19) thanks to the seven faults suffered. Sure, the opponents weren’t necessarily top-notch, but the impact and presence increased dramatically.

The wish, for Unieuro, is to have finally found its two great veterans, this play-pivot axis which, from the bench, represents one of the most important certainties of the rotations of coach Sandro Dell’Agnello, and of do it at the best time, just before that clock phase that will determine the grid of the playoffs from which we will start for promotion to the top flight, a race in which Forlì will have to participate with the desire to do well and the conscience to be able to play with everyone. Especially if he has his veterans in form.

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