Forlì starts again: “It’s forbidden to start badly Win them all then we’ll do the math”

by Simone Casadei

Put behind the knockout against Ravenna and resume the race for the best position at the end of the regular season. It is with this imperative that Basketball 2.015 prepares for its debut in the clock phase, which will take place in today’s advance (ball two to 20 at Unieuro Arena, refereeing by Martellosio, Pellicani and Bramante) against Trapani. Race that the reds and whites will have to try to make their own against an opponent within range, but no less dangerous for that.

“The phase on the clock is the ‘classic’ final of the regular season – coach Sandro Dell’Agnello attacks this during the presentation of the match – in which each team tries to reach the best position on the grid or to get out of the hot zone slums. Everyone is playing something in those three weeks. In our case, we’ll be up against mid-high ranked teams, so good value.” The coach then reviews them: “Turin and Casale have always stopped in the first positions, Trapani in the ‘belly’ of the classification proving to be competitive. Mantua, on the other hand, encountered some problems, otherwise he would have traveled at altitudes higher”.

All of them, one after the other, will end up fighting with Giachetti and his companions, but today it is Trapani’s turn. “He is an atypical adversary – explains Dell’Agnello -, tactically different from most opponents faced so far. They tend to use extremely small quintets, with the two long roles ‘covered’ by wings and therefore without a real pivot. They have a very dynamic game.” Where, then, will the challenge be decided? “We will have to be very careful with their tactical changes, trying to take advantage of certain advantages that we will have in certain areas of the pitch. Then we will need concrete two-ball, avoiding handicap starts like in the derby. .”

Paolo Bandini will be part of the game, returning today from the call-up for the Italy U18 national team. “The blue call is gratifying – explains Dell’Agnello – and it is right that he responded despite our commitments”. Who will not be there, however, as we know, is Mattia Palumbo, now absent from the floor for almost a month. The Unieuro technician just has to cross his fingers for his return. “He is improving slowly. Wednesday in Turin could be the right opportunity to bring him back with us, but we will assess the situation in the next few days.”

Despite the absence of their starting point guard, Forlì however has high morale. “The team is doing well, also and above all on the mental level. The knockout against Ravenna has in no way altered our certainties and we continue to feel a climate of mutual trust between the players. But we must always keep our antennae straight .” “. What prospects do you see, then, for the final phase of the regular season? “I have not made any calculations. Basically, to move up the rankings, we depend on the results of the opponents. We think we are doing our duty, trying to win every game. Then, only then, will we do the math.”

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