Fortitudo Bologna masterpiece: Trento fold and now Napoli are at -2

Bologna, April 16, 2022 – Call for a new delicate call-hi Fortitudo folds Trento 89-69 with a heart test e reduces the gap in the standings with Naples to 2 lengthsKO in Milan 90-67, a very important step which three days from the end of the regular season still keeps the hopes of the biancoblù alive, on stage next Sunday on the floor of Varese.

In the presence of a giant like Dalibor Bagaric, who takes the embrace of his former public, and after the minute of silence in memory of the historic manager Dario Danielli, deceased at 93 (Tuesday at 3 p.m. the funeral at Pontecchio Marconi), coach Martino again offers the starting five in Pesaro, with Durham, Frazier, Aradori, Benzing and Groselle. The onset is, however, convulsive for the hosts, who in 3′ they lose 4 balls and with a triple from Flaccadori they find themselves in pursuit of Trentino, stopped by the dead time of Bologna (4-10). Two dunks chained by Williams and Johnson open the scissors at 7-14, before Benzing’s 6 consecutive points and the rapid sequence signed by Groselle and Feldeine, who draw up the break which allows to put the head forward 19-18 (time – in Trento). Inertia is all in favor of the hosts than with a Benzing from 14 points in the first 10 ‘and galvanized by the intensity of Fantinelli, they close the first fraction 26-20.

A banner from the Fosse aux Lions (“2013-2022 Gianluca Muratori you sent Pavani to play with our values”) frames the start of the second quarter, in which FantinelliI quickly take the team on my shoulders and, assisted by Charalampopoulossigns the 32-23 interrupted by coach Molin: the Greek corrects an error from Durham’s counter-attack in tap-in and Effe flies to +11. But it’s a flash in the pan: Caroline stops the black and white hemorrhage with 4 consecutive points, Frazier replies twice from long, but fails to sign the support, not judged fault, which on the change in front allows Williams to register the hat-trick of 40-32 ( time – Martino and American’s protests). And in a flash, like other times this year, it’s blackout for Fortitudo: in no time a triple from Bradford, a dunk from Williams and a triple at the end from Reynolds which sends everyone to the locker room at 40-40.

Bologna is coming back well, which thanks to Groselle, Feldeine and Benzing reaches +7 stopped by Williams’ alley-oop (49-44): Trento shortens with Flaccadori and Bradford down to -3, but the local defense tightens its grip and on the front the change finds the 6-0 with Feldeine and Aradori (56-49 and timeout invited). New counter-breaking of the bianconeri with Flaccadori and Forray e the game remains balanced (56-54): 1 ‘from the third siren an unsportsmanlike foul by Flaccadori against Feldeine (which according to the replays seems to be slipping on its own, ruining himself on the back floor), forces the American to leave the match on a stretcher. Aradori and Durham are the last points of the fraction, which finishes 62-54.

Benzing’s monologue, supported by Aradori e double masterpiece of Procida (pirouette in and dunk) on a double decisive pass from Charalampopoulos and the PalaDozza thunders, forcing Trento to time out (72-58). The Groselle-Aradori-Procida triptych corrects the maximum advantage (83-62) and Effe gives the match a little more than 3 ‘on the clock and the public is delighted, but Trento is not yet tamed and with 3 + 1 Reynold and Bradford’s triple forced Martino to a stoppage. At this point, Effe is good at administration, setting the stage in the best possible way for the all-important away game in Varese. Fortitudo is still alive.

The match report


FORTITUDO KIGILI BOLOGNA: Frazier 7, Aradori 17, Mancinelli, Durham 4, Natalini, Procida 7, Benzing 22, Feldeine 9, Fantinelli 4, Charalampopoulos 10, Groselle 9, Borra. Martino herds.

DOLOMITI ENERGIA TRENTO: Johnson, Bradford 16, Williams 12, Reynolds 11, Gaye ne, Conti, Morina ne, Forray 7, Flaccadori 10, Mezzanotte ne, Ladurner 2, Caroline 11. All. Molin.

Referees: Giovannetti, Quarta and Nicolini.

Grades: partial 26-20, 40-40, 62-54.

Two points: Fortitudo 23/39; Thirty 17/34. Three-point: 3/8; 6/9. Free throws: 19/25; 8/11. Rebounds: 42; 23.

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